Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Totally random stuff

Probably none of this is original, but I'm gonna put them out there anyway.

Why does February only have 28 days? Why not take a couple of those months with 31 days, take one away from each and have seven months with 30, five with 31? I mean, what did February do wrong anyhow?

Why does a 30 pound 3 year old weigh 78 pounds when she is sleeping and being carried around by me?

Why do some people put an apostrophe in their last name when they pluralize it? Why not just add an s, that's what it's for! Granted, it's harder with a name like Davis ;) but we're the Davises, not the Davis's. Better yet, if uncertain, just say the Davis family!!

Why does my VCR insist on eating movies that the kids absolutely love and we have no hope of finding in DVD format?

Where are all those socks? Mine, yours, everyone loses ONE sock at a time. I think there's a big ol' sock party going on somewhere!

Thanks for listening to my twisted thoughts :D

Monday, February 27, 2006

The saga continues...

Well, we've been looking for a new church. We love our old one, but it just wasn't the right fit for us anymore. Too long in leadership, and nothing there for our oldest. They're going through a time of transition and so are we, I guess. Anyway, we've visited two churches now. The first one was good, the girls really really liked the kids' program and dh & I loved the worship time. The pastor was away that week at his son's wedding, so we haven't heard him yet though we have heard good things about him. We figured we should try out several before repeating visits. The second church is one that we've been told by many is a very exciting charismatic with a big C church. Well, we hit it on the wrong week! Most of the staff was away and they had a special service involving testimonies from 7 members of the 55+ group. Don't get me wrong, they have wonderful stories to share but 7 of them was a bit much for us as they were extolling the particular church and we were just visiting and from a different denomination. I'm used to the emphasis being on Jesus, not on the denomination. The music wasn't so hot either. Christa wouldn't stay in the Sunday school class, she really didn't like it one bit. Becca & Maya said it was fine. Not too sure if we will go back for another visit or not, though the people seemed friendly.

Still looking for the flaming Volkswagen...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Teenagers...whose idea was that, anyway?

Oh man, they can really try your nerves. A friend asked Matt if they were worse than 2 year olds. I think Matt fell over from laughing. Well, let's see...a 2 year old can be prone to tantrums. So can a teenager, only his/hers are a LOT louder. A 2 year old can refuse to do things. So can a teenager, but he/she is not so easy to distract and/or force into his or her coat because you DO have to leave now. A 2 year old doesn't tend to argue like a lawyer about everything. My favourite lately is, "When I have kids, I certainly won't treat them this way!" I need to get that one on video so I can show it to his kids some day *LOL*

This too shall pass, right? Some day I won't have any teens at home and I'll miss them, right? *sigh*

Monday, February 20, 2006


I am sooooo tired of "news" reports about Brad and what's her name, or Jen and what's his name, or any of the supposedly so much better than everyone else celebrity types. I really don't want to know who is marrying whom, who is pregnant by whom and who found who cheating. For pete's sake, Britney Spears was photographed driving her car with her baby on her lap and someone else in the passenger seat. What was done about it? Oh, nothing, after all, she's *Britney* and she "made a mistake". Ugh. If I did something that ridiculously stupid, you can bet the police wouldn't bat an eye if I said I made a mistake. The charges brought against me would pale in comparison to the fact that I would more than likely have my baby taken away by child protective services. Just because a person is well-known or well-paid, they get away with things that we mere mortals know are wrong. Wrong is wrong no matter who you are, and when it gets right down to it, we are all going to have to answer for those things we have done.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why am I hiding?

So why is it that I am not posting here when dh is home? Do I not want him to know that I have a blog? Why not?? I guess it's just in case I want to write something about him. Like the fact that he drives me nuts. He doesn't ALL the time, but at times, oh man. You want a for instance? Shall I come clean? *LOL* Okay, petty as it sounds, I will give you an example. If I call one of the kids for something, he yells full volume about .049 seconds after and then says, "Well, he/she wasn't answering." Oh, for goodness sake, give everyone a chance to react before jumping in. It's not like the kids don't hear me if he isn't home! Makes me feel like an incompetent idiot, frankly.

I'd really better keep this to myself, might come in handy if I ever have something to vent about ;)

Friday, February 17, 2006

Momma bear

James called me from school this morning and first thing he says is, "I'm okay." Ack! What does that mean? Apparently his brilliant gym teacher (who I normally like but he's at fault) decided that playing football on icy grass first period was a GOOD idea. Yeah, really good. Only *two* kids wiped out bad enough to need medical attention. Ugh. So James is home with assorted bruises and abrasions. He slid three meters (near as I can figure, he means 10 feet) and wiped out his left knee, elbow, shoulder, half his back and his right hand. Not sure how his right hand got involved! And yes, he is okay, but it still brought out the momma bear in me, my cub was hurt!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pink thoughts

Kim is on my mind today. Kim is a very dear friend and she has cancer. I don't know why I said she is on my mind today, she is on my mind every day. I worry about her, I pray for her, I think about her a LOT. I don't know what to do to help her through this - I wear my pink bracelet, contribute to breast cancer research in any way I can and send her emails, cards and little gifts, probably way too often. Funny, I don't really worry about getting cancer myself, I just want Kim to be cancer-free. She has had 6 chemo treatments, every three weeks, and is now waiting to see what the next PET scan will show. Just pray that the chemo has had a considerable effect on that mass.

Love you Kim!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The second post ;)

So I've got moving on my mind lately. I can't talk about it in front of the kids though. James practically puts his hands over his ears, Maya gets obsessed, Becca wants to do it yesterday. I guess I could talk about it in front of Christa, she doesn't get it anyway.

Matt will be finished with his courses sometime in late April. He's making noises about the graduation ceremony but for pete's sake, does he need to take part? I feel like a meanie though, I think he wants to do the whole thing. For my part, I'd rather he had a J O B than be paying to have someone hand him a piece of paper.

Getting back on track, we'll be moving after he's done. Don't know where, don't know when. I'm leaning toward California, but there are so many complications. I feel bad, a little, about taking the kids away from their friends and Bob. Not enough to stay here and have Matt make less than half of what he could make elsewhere though. Mercenary, yeah, but having a home that is a little more appropriate for the size of our family is an even bigger part of it.

I'll be posting more about this, just wanted to get some of it out there.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The first post

So here I am in the world of bloggers. Doesn't look so different! Not sure if I'll have much to say but I'll give it a go ;)

If you're following the Olympics, maybe you've been wondering, as I was, why some are calling the place Turin and some Torino. Sure, it's simple - Torino is the Italian name. Along the same lines as Roma is Rome and Firenze is Florence. So, if we're to use the correct name, we should use Torino. But wait, it's not quite that simple. Turin is the capital of the region of Piedmont and the Piedmontese (correct me if that's wrong) name is Turin. So if we're to use the really correct name, we should say Turin. Confused? Yeah, me too. Either way, I'm enjoying the Olympics.