Friday, February 17, 2006

Momma bear

James called me from school this morning and first thing he says is, "I'm okay." Ack! What does that mean? Apparently his brilliant gym teacher (who I normally like but he's at fault) decided that playing football on icy grass first period was a GOOD idea. Yeah, really good. Only *two* kids wiped out bad enough to need medical attention. Ugh. So James is home with assorted bruises and abrasions. He slid three meters (near as I can figure, he means 10 feet) and wiped out his left knee, elbow, shoulder, half his back and his right hand. Not sure how his right hand got involved! And yes, he is okay, but it still brought out the momma bear in me, my cub was hurt!!

1 comment:

LoisLane said...

Ouch!!! Glad he's ok. Here's the skillet for the gym teacher. Give him a whack from me.