Thursday, February 23, 2006

Teenagers...whose idea was that, anyway?

Oh man, they can really try your nerves. A friend asked Matt if they were worse than 2 year olds. I think Matt fell over from laughing. Well, let's see...a 2 year old can be prone to tantrums. So can a teenager, only his/hers are a LOT louder. A 2 year old can refuse to do things. So can a teenager, but he/she is not so easy to distract and/or force into his or her coat because you DO have to leave now. A 2 year old doesn't tend to argue like a lawyer about everything. My favourite lately is, "When I have kids, I certainly won't treat them this way!" I need to get that one on video so I can show it to his kids some day *LOL*

This too shall pass, right? Some day I won't have any teens at home and I'll miss them, right? *sigh*


LoisLane said...

Just remember, what doesn't kill you (or the teenager) makes you stronger. ;)

Anonymous said...

What? I can't imagine that wonderful boy (ok Teen) of yours saying that!

Karen said...

Now I know why some animals eat thier young. You're right though, this too shall pass.