Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Totally random stuff

Probably none of this is original, but I'm gonna put them out there anyway.

Why does February only have 28 days? Why not take a couple of those months with 31 days, take one away from each and have seven months with 30, five with 31? I mean, what did February do wrong anyhow?

Why does a 30 pound 3 year old weigh 78 pounds when she is sleeping and being carried around by me?

Why do some people put an apostrophe in their last name when they pluralize it? Why not just add an s, that's what it's for! Granted, it's harder with a name like Davis ;) but we're the Davises, not the Davis's. Better yet, if uncertain, just say the Davis family!!

Why does my VCR insist on eating movies that the kids absolutely love and we have no hope of finding in DVD format?

Where are all those socks? Mine, yours, everyone loses ONE sock at a time. I think there's a big ol' sock party going on somewhere!

Thanks for listening to my twisted thoughts :D


LoisLane said...

Ok, you had me giggling this morning, especially with the sock one. ;)
Hope things go a little better in the church search.

Karen said...

Guilty... I do the apostrophe thing. I'll try to be better.

Was LOL at the comment about the sleeping child. Why do they almost triple in weight when sleeping?