Sunday, February 19, 2006

Why am I hiding?

So why is it that I am not posting here when dh is home? Do I not want him to know that I have a blog? Why not?? I guess it's just in case I want to write something about him. Like the fact that he drives me nuts. He doesn't ALL the time, but at times, oh man. You want a for instance? Shall I come clean? *LOL* Okay, petty as it sounds, I will give you an example. If I call one of the kids for something, he yells full volume about .049 seconds after and then says, "Well, he/she wasn't answering." Oh, for goodness sake, give everyone a chance to react before jumping in. It's not like the kids don't hear me if he isn't home! Makes me feel like an incompetent idiot, frankly.

I'd really better keep this to myself, might come in handy if I ever have something to vent about ;)


Karen said...

Why do you think Doug doesn't know about mine? LOL!

LoisLane said...

Aaaaah, gotta love the secret blog. Or in my case "the Mark knows I have it but doesn't know where or how to find it blog." ;)
Come on, girl's gotta have someplace to vent about the ones she loves. ;)