Saturday, March 25, 2006

Time to talk about the "e" word

Yeah, I said it. Well, I didn't yet, but I will. EXERCISE. There, it's out in the open. Ever noticed that people are either obsessed with doing it or obsessed with avoiding it? I've been in the latter category most of my life. I figured all the running around that I have done after four kids in a row was enough exercise for anyone. Not according to my doctor and the other so-called expert types. Apparently you actually have to raise the heartrate for it to be worthwhile, not just the blood pressure ;)

That said, I've been exercising for a while now as part of my weight loss goals. I've been walking, outside when the weather will cooperate (I have a preferred 1.5 mile loop) and inside with
WATP when it's rainy or too late in the day. Sometimes I will do both, yes, I'm a convert. A few days ago my kids talked me into trying their DDR game. Well! I found out that I can do that and burn off a bunch of calories, it will even calculate how many. I'm really really bad at the game but it doesn't matter, it's still fun.

Just kick me if I start waxing on about endorphins or whatever they're called, okay?


Sharon said...

Go go go Cherie...maybe you'll inspire me not to be such a slug!

Heather said...

You are awesome Cherie! I love WATP! I try to do it every day!

LoisLane said...

Hey, someone around here has to exercise and we both know it's not gonna be me. ;)
Keep on going - you rock!!

Jill said...

Okay, explain the initials to the exercise impaired, please! WATP? DDsomething with the kids? LOL

I need to find something new, because I've really been slacking lately, and that's one thing I can't let happen or my body will go from marshmallow to marshmallow creme! :P

Queen Bee said...

Jill, WATP is walk away the pounds. I put a link in my post :)