Saturday, April 29, 2006

More pink thoughts

Kim is at the forefront of my thoughts again. The flippin' tumor is not shrinking. In fact, it's growing. Argh. I know the doctors are doing everything they can and just need to find the right "cocktail" to give her that will have the desired effect, but it's so frustrating. I am praying fervently for strength for Kim and Anthony and their family. Amazingly, they have that strength. Yes, I know it's what I was praying for, but it's so much more than that. They are an inspiration to me daily.

Please join me in praying for Kim, and for any other women you may know who are battling this insidious monster. Cancer in any form stinks! Annette's mom is in my prayers as well as my young friend Olivia.

For those who have already fought it and are survivors, pray for continued cancer free lives. Mic and Pat fit in that category in my life and I'm so happy that they are healthy now.

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