Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sad shocked and stunned

I know I'm obsessing so feel free to skip this post. I am so overwhelmed today, I just can't focus on anything else. A friend from my September 02 message board emailed me late last night to tell me that her 6yo son died on Sunday. He was only six. He didn't seem terribly ill, they thought he just had the flu. When he wasn't getting better, they headed out to take him to urgent care and before they even left the house, he died in his father's arms. Karen said they don't know why, they've ruled out meningitis and an aneurysm and just don't know. I wish I knew what to do, what to say, what to think. Karen and Scott and Allison, you're in my prayers. Jason, sweet 6 year old, I'll see you someday and give you a great big hug then.


Heather said...

Did they have that imaginex toy? I just read some things on it and if children get those magnets inside their body its deadly and causes death... Gosh I hope not. It freaks me out. We have imaginext toys here... and its just freaky. Much prayers for the family. I hope they can find out what caused the death.

Heather said...

My bad, it was Magnetix not Imaginext toys! I am still praying for this family!