Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday afternoon thoughts

I went to church by myself this morning. I did take Becca, but she was in Sunday school the whole time, so it was like I went alone. Anyway, the guest speaker was really good and I enjoyed the message she gave. Except for one thing. Part of what she said was that humans are wonderfully made and are exactly what God wants us to be, personality and all. So we should be happy to be who we are, and happy with what others are as well, as long as they aren't trying to be something they aren't. Well, that immediately made me think of dh and the anger issues he has, in particular with the kids. Not to get into it again, many of you have already heard this before. Suffice to say that he has issues and that I have issues with his issues. If what this lady said is true, it follows that dh is who he is, anger and all, and we should just accept it. I'm having a tough time with this one. From what I've read and studied, everyone has things they need to work on, and I firmly believe that dh's anger is not from the Lord and needs to be worked on. I don't think we as a family need to just accept it.


Heather said...

I agree with you Cherie. I think the lady meant well who spoke... but was wrong... Chew up the meat of her sermon and spit out the bones. I wanna see them bones ;)

LoisLane said...

Well, no one is perfect - that's a given. But does that mean that no one should ever work to improve themselves?? I think not. I mean there are bad habits (for lack of a better term) that are harmless, like biting your nails, and then there are ones that should be worked on, like anger. I don't think you're wrong in wanting that to change. Hugs.

Jill said...

No, you have it right. We're all flawed, and we need to work on changing those flaws as we grow in Christ. She just didn't say what she meant as well as she could have (I hope!!)