Saturday, May 13, 2006

The big trip is almost here

Wow, the excitement level around my house doesn't get much higher these days. Well, maybe if dh got a job... ;) Anyway, James & Maya leave for California on Monday. Maya has most of her bag packed already, she's just psyched. James will leave it all til the last minute, but he's not sleeping well so I know he's excited too, much as he hides it behind his black hoodie and green funky hat. Oh, the hat, I'll have to get a pic so you can appreciate THE hat. And yes, it does keep his hair out of his eyes a bit and it really is cool to boot. Ooops, sorry, the trip. I'm driving them and their dad to the ferry on Monday, they're flying out of Vancouver around 730 Monday night, so a pretty late arrival in LA. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday will be spent at Disneyland and California Adventure. Friday the schedule is shopping for Maya and a concert for James and a couple of his internet friends - they're seeing Streetlight Manifesto, The Aquabats, No Trigger and Supernova for those who really want to know. James is staying with his friends on Friday night and Saturday they'll meet up with Maya and their dad at City Walk, part of Universal Studios from what we've heard. Then it's flying home early Sunday morning, well to Vancouver and then a ferry ride to meet me again. I'm going to miss them but more than that, I wish I was going too! Yeah, I'm jealous of my own kids. How sad is that?


Karen said...

Big hugs... and I'm jealous of your kids too.

LoisLane said...

I'd be jealous too. ;)
Hugs for you. Yeah, you'll miss them, but look at this great opportunity they are having. :)

Anonymous said...

Hugs!!! Hope they have a nice trip. It's ok to be jealous, I would be!