Monday, May 29, 2006

Golden Gate

San Francisco, of course. It's been on my mind as dh had a phone interview last week with a company based there. He's waiting to hear if he's on the list for the second phone interview. I'm a-hopin'! I really like SF, it's pretty and there's so much to do. Okay, there's another good reason. See pic ;)

Anyway, the Golden Gate. Uninformed me, I thought it was the name of the bridge. And I wondered why they called it that when it's more orange-red than gold. Well duh. The Golden Gate is the strait, the bridge is merely called that because it spans the strait. So there ya go, they aren't colour-blind. They being the people who named it in the first place.

Keeping my fingers crossed, how about you?


Heather said...

YES YES YES! I would love you to be in SF!!!!!!!!


LoisLane said...

Well, I supposed if I *had* to let you live on the West Coast instead of the East Coast, I could handle San Francisco. ;)
Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, San Fran is a long day's drive from me, I think that is doable! :)

Sharon said...

Sending you lots of prayers my friend :)

Anonymous said...

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