Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm a bad bad wife

I think our vows said something about supporting each other, didn't they? Oh dear, I blew that! Matt didn't get the second interview that I was talking about the other day - bummer. I'm not giving up hope or anything, just a bummer. Anyway, he was telling me about another job but said he wasn't going to apply for it because the hours were 3am to noon. I said oh? And he said it was because he has 4 kids. {like I don't? sheesh} I told him that I thought that might be his best way in to the field because those with more seniority don't want to work the yucky shift and he told me no way could he do it because he couldn't years ago when he was single. Instead of letting it go, I told him there are lots of people who work midnights and they make it, they just have to adapt. Then I said not to use the kids as the excuse, to just admit that it was HIM, not the kids. Mean, huh? Well, he told me an hour or so later that he applied for that job. Because it's in San Francisco. Not going to let the dream go yet!


Karen said...

You know, sometimes they need us to tell them what they want to do, cause they just don't know it yet. ;)

Hugs and crossed fingers!

LoisLane said...

Hey, nothing wrong with a little tough love! ;)
Fingers crossed!

Heather said...

I agree tough love ;)

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