Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tagged by Amy

I AM a mom. Nuff said.
I WANT dh to get a job.
I WISH I knew where that job would be.
I MISS Mayberry, sitting on the porch drinking ice cold cherry coke, when everything was black and white (can you hear the song too?)
I HEAR the tv...some show Christa is watching. Not sure what or why.
I WONDER if I can finish this post before anyone needs me to do anything...
I REGRET nothing. Well, my first marriage sometimes, but I love the kids so nothing.
I AM NOT going to do any housework today. Might as well fact it now.
I DANCE with my kids whether they want me to or not.
I AM NOT ALWAYS listening. Sorry honey.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS funny shapes when the light is shining just right.
I WRITE very seldom. I use the computer instead, better fonts and colours ;)
I CONFUSE easily!
I NEED to visit the washroom. Hey, you asked. And this post is taking a while :P
I SHOULD do housework. See I AM NOT above.
I START slowly.
I FINISH happy. (those two are for dh, don't know why as he doesn't even know this blog exists)
I TAG anyone who feels like doing this. Amy already tagged "our" moms.


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