Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ups & downs of the week

Yeah, I know it's only Thursday, so chances are there will be more ups and downs, but hey, I felt like talking about it anyway.

Monday morning Matt had a phone call from a fellow asking if he would be interested in a 2 year contract job. In Washington DC. For decent money. Would he? I immediately IMed Karen, all excited about the possibility of being near her and her family. Got Karen all excited too *LOL* She couldn't help herself, had to share that excitement with Traci. I swore them both to secrecy because I didn't want to get TOO excited and then maybe be let down. Well, there were five or six calls from the first fellow and his boss, a couple emails sent from Matt to them and a promise to get back to us the next day. And that's it. Nothing since. They have our home number and Matt's cell number and nothing. Sigh. Guess it's not the right job, but sheesh, couldn't they let him know that? So frustrating.

Oh, and no word from the almost local job that he interviewed for either. Yet. That one isn't a closed door though, they did say they will contact everyone interviewed, plus Matt knows another guy who was on the list and he was out of town until a few days ago, so if they wanted to interview him, that would have been in the last few days...they might not have made their decison yet. I want to know yesterday!

Patience, I need patience!


LoisLane said...

Dang, and I kept the secret so well. I didn't even tell Mark - I was THAT good! ;)
Keeping my fingers crossed the the dream job happens quick.

Karen said...

I told Doug... but I swore him to secrecy too... LOL!

Hope something comes through soon!