Monday, June 26, 2006

Well well well

Would you look at that? It's a second interview! Yep, they were so impressed with Matt on the phone that they want to fly him down for an in-person interview next week. Wow. He's so high up off the ground I can't even tell you if he'll come down in the next few days. Keep us in those thoughts & prayers, it's working!

The "evolving" English language

Some days I feel really old. Today, for one. When did things change so much? And how did I miss it?

Actress isn't the proper term anymore, apparently. I know this one has been a while, but it struck me again today when I glimpsed a headline on Google News about the wedding of "actor" Nicole Kidman and country singer Keith Urban. Why is she no longer considered an actress? I don't think it's demeaning, just an easy way to tell if the person referred to is male or female.

A mom or a dad is more often being called a parent now. A husband or wife? Nope, it's a spouse or, even better, a partner. I suppose my son and my daughters are no longer called such either, there's probably another term...just like sibling has replaced brother and/or sister.

Why are we as a society feeling the need to equalize everyone and wipe out any evidence of gender? I am a woman, I am proud of that. I do not want to be a man, I do not want to be considered equal to a man even. Frankly, I am NOT a man and a man is not superior to a woman OR inferior to a woman. We are different. Thank the Lord, we are different.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Reno has a Super Walmart

It also has Costco, and Krispy Kreme. Target, check. Mervyn's, yep. Big indoor air conditioned mall with every store imaginable, yessir. Pretty much any restaurant you could want, oh yeah. Entertainment out the wazoo, uh huh.

But you can't buy Shreddies there.

What will I do?

Dh has a phone interview (company in Sparks) on Monday at noon, keep us in your thoughts and prayers, please :)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Trying to redeem my good wife title

Not to go into graphic detail, but I was in the good books on Sunday. *LOL* But that really isn't what this post is about. I broke down and gave up. I told Matt that we can move to Reno if that's where he finds a job. Sigh. Not my choice AT ALL but I'm willing to make the best of it. I do like his parents, they're really great. His sibs, well that's another kettle of fish. Of course, part of me is hopeful, thinking that things will be different with them if we live nearby. Yeah sure, they can ignore us close up instead of from a distance whoohoo. Yep, major negativity here. Anywho, if dh gets a job there, he could stay with his folks for a while if need be, until the rest of us sell this place and get there. James is going to freak. It'll be a hard sell, he's less thrilled with Reno than I am. Blergh. I'll be keeping you all posted!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Made it to Tuesday the 20th. Thank goodness. It's been one of those months, no money coming in and plenty going out. I *know* that Matt will find a job, but I just don't know *when*. And I'm going insane. Why is it that it's so much easier to find a job if you already have one? That makes no sense, yet that's what I've heard from those "in the know". My mil asked me the other day if I have thought about going out to work. Oh yeah, sure. I'll go get a minimum wage job, if there are even any out there and not so likely when kids are out of school and don't have to be paid as much (minimum wage is less for them, if they are newish to the workforce), and then dh will sit at home doing what? Yep, you guessed it. Nothin'! Not going to happen. If anyone is going out and getting a low wage job, it can be him. Then that mythical "good job" will come along because he's already working, right? *sigh* Sorry, this started off as one thing and turned into another. Guess it's building up again. Ugh.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Stolen. Yes, stolen, not borrowed ;)

From Traci, of course ;)

Birthday Meme Instructions:
Go to Wikipedia.
In the Search box, type your birth month and day (but not year).
March 14
List three events that happened on your birthday:
1. 1794 - Eli Whitney is granted a patent for the cotton gin.
2. 1964 - A jury in Dallas, Texas finds Jack Ruby guilty of killing John F. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.
3. 1994 - Timeline of Linux development: Linux kernel version 1.0.0 is released.
List two important birthdays:
1. 1879 - Albert Einstein, German-born physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
2. 1920 - Hank Ketcham, American cartoonist
One holiday or observance (if any):
I found two -
Japan - White Day: Japanese holiday similar to Valentine's Day (men give gifts to women).
Pi Day - unofficial mathematics holiday.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Things that weren't in the job description

Maybe I just didn't read the fine print closely enough. Where did it say that "mom" entails the following?

~Fishing little pieces of the paper bag the sugar comes in out of the sugar canister.

~Painting teenage son's hair blue.

~Spraying 6yo's shirts before washing them because it is severely impossible for her to eat anything without it winding up smeared on her shirt.

~Spraying 40yo's shirts because he is obviously the reason that 6yo has the same problem.

~Picking up teeny weeny pieces of paper napkin off the living room carpet after 3yo decides to "clean the carpet".

~Remembering each and every special birthday for all family members (both sides) and every single friend ever of each child.

~Reading dh's mind.

~Knowing what is for dinner every single night.

~Explaining to the 12yo why the quesadilla tastes "weird" though it was made the same way as every other quesadilla she has ever had.

~Answering questions posed by a 3yo, 6yo, 12yo or 15yo. Or any other age.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Forgot to share this when it happened

So you'll just have to relive ancient history with me ;)

James & I went to the
North Island Jazz Festival a week and a half ago and had a wonderful time. Well, after we wheedled our way in, that is. Seems that the venue was "no minors" as they had a paying bar in the building. They should have told me that when I bought the tickets, so the head hoohah said as long as I guaranteed he wouldn't be drinking, it was okay. I was the youngest person there next to James *LOL* We really did have a good time though, stayed until almost the end. We saw a couple of dixieland style bands, they were fun. A young group (all under 25) was next, they were really neat. I love their name too - 51st Eight. Then a "20s and 30s" band came on so we sat through a song and a half then scooted out the door to a different venue because we just couldn't stand it (sorry to any fans, I won't say their name, just not our style). We were treated to Mojo Zydeco at the other venue, even bought one of their CDs because they were so awesome. After their set, we scooted back to the first place for a couple more groups and then I was too tired to stay until the end (I'm used to 10pm bedtime). The next morning we had to go back and bring Maya & Becca to see the two dixieland bands and Mojo Zydeco. All three kids had a turn on the stage playing the rubboard (like an aluminum washboard worn over the shoulders, really cool). That wasn't enough, we all went back on Sunday morning for 51st Eight's rousing gospel music - Bria can really wail!! Looking forward to next year :D

Friday, June 09, 2006

Warning - proud mom bragging again

James this time. He had his final concert of middle school on Tuesday night. Man, that kid can play the trombone. And he has no hesitation or shyness or any of that. He played in the Grade 9 Band, Jazz Band and Jazz Combo, plus did a stint as MC for Jazz Band. Here's a pic, sorry you can't hear him! Note the left foot forward during his solo, along with his patented fingers on the bell move ;) The boy loves music!

Victoria is The City of Gardens

Have you been to Victoria? It's a very pretty city. Not a big city - about 300,000 I think. I lived there briefly when I flirted with being a university student and I think it's great. But I didn't really think of living there until recently. Now it's on our list. Matt is heading there to an open house type thing this afternoon at an "amazing company" that is experiencing "unprecedented growth". They have offices in Seattle, LA and Salt Lake City, so it's an interesting opportunity. I'll keep you posted, of course :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

And another thing...I said, AND ANOTHER THING!!

Just gotta keep Heather busy when she's in recovery (not that she's there yet but she will be and I don't want her to get bored).

My dad is deaf. As a post. He lives in the middle of nowhere by himself. Two dogs, two cats, but they don't answer him when he talks. He called here this morning when he got to the dock (he came across Georgia Strait in his motorboat to pick up some stuff) and when I arrived at the dock to pick him up and drive him around, he said, "Was that you on the phone or Matt?" He can't tell the difference. Oh, what am I saying, he can't even tell when he's leaving a message on the voice mail rather than talking to a live person. It's very draining to have a conversation with someone who keeps guessing what you're saying and gets it wrong 99.7% of the time. And no way will he learn sign language - "I'm too old for that stuff!" He does have a hearing aid. Not sure what happened to the second one but he does have one. However, it was his father's and is quite out-of-date. Sigh.

I'm not good at surprises

Not 100% true, I'm great at keeping them secret and even pretty good at planning them. I love the look on someone else's face when I do something unexpected and nice for them. I even like the excitement and almost anxiety of trying to keep whatever it is quiet. But I am not not not good at being the surprise-ee. My reaction? "You're kidding!" "You're joking!" and the classic "Oh my goodness!" I turn into a person with a six word vocabulary. For the record, I'm not saying don't surprise me, just that I am not good at it!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Things that bug me

They're adding up. Actually I think they multiply, so I thought if I wrote some of them down, they wouldn't seem so ridiculously irritating, just ridiculous. I think it'll work!

~Family members who leave their socks wadded up in little balls OR inside out because they know I will fix them before I wash them.

~That verification thing I get before I can comment on Sharon's blog - invariably I can't read at least one of the letters and I get it wrong. How can I get that wrong?

~Getting a freecyle email for something I would really like - 18 hours later because the server messed up. So the item is of course gone.

~The profile thingie on the right that is all the way down at the bottom of the page instead of at the top and I don't know why.

~The possibility that when I post this, the profile thingie will be where it's supposed to and the above point will make no sense at all.

~Not being able to find time to blog.

~My butt hurting from riding my bike.

~Having dh complain that HE has to unload the dishwasher before loading it. Didn't know it was MY job to unload it.