Monday, June 26, 2006

The "evolving" English language

Some days I feel really old. Today, for one. When did things change so much? And how did I miss it?

Actress isn't the proper term anymore, apparently. I know this one has been a while, but it struck me again today when I glimpsed a headline on Google News about the wedding of "actor" Nicole Kidman and country singer Keith Urban. Why is she no longer considered an actress? I don't think it's demeaning, just an easy way to tell if the person referred to is male or female.

A mom or a dad is more often being called a parent now. A husband or wife? Nope, it's a spouse or, even better, a partner. I suppose my son and my daughters are no longer called such either, there's probably another term...just like sibling has replaced brother and/or sister.

Why are we as a society feeling the need to equalize everyone and wipe out any evidence of gender? I am a woman, I am proud of that. I do not want to be a man, I do not want to be considered equal to a man even. Frankly, I am NOT a man and a man is not superior to a woman OR inferior to a woman. We are different. Thank the Lord, we are different.

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Karen said...

I've noticed that too... THere are somethings that just need to be left alone. I might be a spouse, and his partner, but dagnabit, I'm still his WIFE!