Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Forgot to share this when it happened

So you'll just have to relive ancient history with me ;)

James & I went to the
North Island Jazz Festival a week and a half ago and had a wonderful time. Well, after we wheedled our way in, that is. Seems that the venue was "no minors" as they had a paying bar in the building. They should have told me that when I bought the tickets, so the head hoohah said as long as I guaranteed he wouldn't be drinking, it was okay. I was the youngest person there next to James *LOL* We really did have a good time though, stayed until almost the end. We saw a couple of dixieland style bands, they were fun. A young group (all under 25) was next, they were really neat. I love their name too - 51st Eight. Then a "20s and 30s" band came on so we sat through a song and a half then scooted out the door to a different venue because we just couldn't stand it (sorry to any fans, I won't say their name, just not our style). We were treated to Mojo Zydeco at the other venue, even bought one of their CDs because they were so awesome. After their set, we scooted back to the first place for a couple more groups and then I was too tired to stay until the end (I'm used to 10pm bedtime). The next morning we had to go back and bring Maya & Becca to see the two dixieland bands and Mojo Zydeco. All three kids had a turn on the stage playing the rubboard (like an aluminum washboard worn over the shoulders, really cool). That wasn't enough, we all went back on Sunday morning for 51st Eight's rousing gospel music - Bria can really wail!! Looking forward to next year :D


Karen said...

Sounds like a great time! Nothing like some funtime with your kids instead of always being the grownup.

Heather said...

So cool... that is really a cool thing!