Sunday, June 04, 2006

Things that bug me

They're adding up. Actually I think they multiply, so I thought if I wrote some of them down, they wouldn't seem so ridiculously irritating, just ridiculous. I think it'll work!

~Family members who leave their socks wadded up in little balls OR inside out because they know I will fix them before I wash them.

~That verification thing I get before I can comment on Sharon's blog - invariably I can't read at least one of the letters and I get it wrong. How can I get that wrong?

~Getting a freecyle email for something I would really like - 18 hours later because the server messed up. So the item is of course gone.

~The profile thingie on the right that is all the way down at the bottom of the page instead of at the top and I don't know why.

~The possibility that when I post this, the profile thingie will be where it's supposed to and the above point will make no sense at all.

~Not being able to find time to blog.

~My butt hurting from riding my bike.

~Having dh complain that HE has to unload the dishwasher before loading it. Didn't know it was MY job to unload it.


Karen said...

Let's see... I used to get little sock balls from StupidX... after about 6 mons of turning nasty sweaty socks he wore to work and softball games, I stopped turning them. It only took a couple weeks of him getting back still dirty but damp cause they didn't unroll in the washer or dryer to stop that one.

I don't like the verification thingy either.

That is annoying, or the ones that give it away to the very first person!

Yep, it was where it was supposed to be.

Hope your butt feels better...

Tell him to stop whining.

HUGS! Do you feel better?

LoisLane said...

I have made Kevin start turning his own socks right side out because I'm not touching those nasty things anymore.
Oh, I always screw up the verification thing at least once. Makes me think I need glasses. lol.

Heather said...

Well... the side bar thing.. is has to do with the way you added the photo.. it happened to me about 2 weeks ago... and yes... I was bugged ;)

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