Thursday, June 15, 2006

Things that weren't in the job description

Maybe I just didn't read the fine print closely enough. Where did it say that "mom" entails the following?

~Fishing little pieces of the paper bag the sugar comes in out of the sugar canister.

~Painting teenage son's hair blue.

~Spraying 6yo's shirts before washing them because it is severely impossible for her to eat anything without it winding up smeared on her shirt.

~Spraying 40yo's shirts because he is obviously the reason that 6yo has the same problem.

~Picking up teeny weeny pieces of paper napkin off the living room carpet after 3yo decides to "clean the carpet".

~Remembering each and every special birthday for all family members (both sides) and every single friend ever of each child.

~Reading dh's mind.

~Knowing what is for dinner every single night.

~Explaining to the 12yo why the quesadilla tastes "weird" though it was made the same way as every other quesadilla she has ever had.

~Answering questions posed by a 3yo, 6yo, 12yo or 15yo. Or any other age.


Heather said...

Hehehe... the joys of mom ;)

LoisLane said...

That's what keeps it interesting. ;)

Karen said...

So, why did it taste "wierd"?

We're glad you remember special days and birthdays.


Queen Bee said...

Karen, it's one of the mysteries of life.