Monday, July 31, 2006

Four weeks...twenty-eight days

Has it been that long? My goodness, yes it has. Matt left here on the 3rd for what we thought was a sure thing. Turned out we were wrong. *sigh* I still think we made the right decision for him to stay in Reno and job hunt from there, but it's getting old. The uncertainty, that is. I really don't mind being here "on my own", it's not that hard to solo parent when it's a temporary measure. It's the not knowing that drives me insane. I mean, do I call a realtor now? Or wait until Matt actually has a job? No point moving there just to stay at his parents' house. They don't have room for five more people anyway, and I wouldn't want to squish in. All I want is a job for Matt and a place of our own. Oh, and the almost $1000 it will cost in fees for us to immigrate, and maybe some money towards the exorbitant cost of health insurance. Gack, that stuff is expensive there!! Prayers & good thoughts very much appreciated, tia :)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Gianna Jessen

Gianna Jessen was the guest speaker at Matt's church today. I know a bit about her, had her book in the church library that I was in charge of, but haven't had the chance to hear her speak myself. Yet. I did read about her appearance in Colorado recently. You can check out Ted Harvey's site if you haven't already heard about it. This young woman is so amazing, how she was protected before she was even born is incredible.

Imo, partial birth abortion is wrong on every level and should never have been allowed. I don't pretend to understand the legal wrangling that is ongoing, I just know what I believe. "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb."

Friday, July 28, 2006

As requested ;)

Heather wants an update on Matt. So here it is. Nothing new.


He's still in Reno, still putting in applications and going to interviews. Still broke, still bored and still waiting for THE job.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Update on my "list"

Remember my list? It was in my post of July 3. To save you the trouble of actually clicking on that link, here's a recap...

Stuff to do: go through storage unit and throw out all the junk my dad left behind, and maybe even some of my own junk; clean the windows inside and out (haven't done the *spring cleaning* thing yet, I'm late); wash the outside of the house; start decluttering one room at a time! Good thing I don't have too many rooms!! More stuff to do after the first set of stuff to do: paint the front door; paint the bathroom door and the bedroom door; paint the lower cupboard doors in the bathroom; figure out how to replace the ceiling in James's room.

I'm happy and amazed to say that I've done my list! Shocking, huh? Well, I have to redo the outside of the windows because I foolishly washed them before I washed the outside walls and that means the cleaning stuff got on the windows and made them all streaky. Can't have that! I've been working hard, I deserve a pat on the back ;) I've also cleaned all the carpets in the house, that wasn't on my list. Go me!!

Millie, Hazel and Jeannie

So...I'm going away next week. I'm not too thrilled about it, in case you can't tell. It's one of those things that I can't get out of, but I didn't try all that hard I guess. When are you too old for your mom to guilt you into doing something? The three girls that I'm going away with are daughters of friends of my mom...not that she sees these friends at all, they've lost touch mostly, just Christmas cards and such. But the "girls" still turn up from time to time. They live near each other and do stuff together often and every now and then they ask me to join them. I usually have a small enough child that I can get out of it, but now that Christa is getting close to 4, it's not gonna work anymore. So, I'm going to a "retreat" with them next weekend. Ugh. I guess I shouldn't be so negative, they're paying for it and it is a weekend away. But *whine* I don't really like them. I don't have anything in common with them and just don't like them. Ugh.

I found some pics so this is Millie

this is Hazel

and this is Jeannie

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Just a little update

Let's see, what's going on with us...

Becca is riding her bike everywhere, Christa running along the sidewalk, "Wait for meeeeee!" They play well together considering they are three years apart :) The kids in this neighbourhood come in waves, my oldest two had a group of friends for a few years, then everyone moved away or grew up and there was nobody around for a couple more years, now there is another crop around the right age again. I've instituted a water only rule as I was getting tired of supplying juice for everyone!

James is off to San Diego in a couple of days. The band he likes the best (The Aquabats) is having a fan convention of sorts called Summit and he is going to that with his friends. One of the friends sent him a plane ticket, that was awfully nice of her.

Matt had an interview today, they want him to come in for a second interview on Friday. He has a different second interview tomorrow as well as a first with a third company. Hope that one made sense ;) He's had a bunch of responses to his resumes, good sign!

I've been going through my to-do list, not as quickly as I would like but I do have to make time for kids and whatnot *LOL* I've sorted through my storage unit, washed all the windows, decluttered the living room, kitchen and far. So I have the main bedroom and James's room left. James did most of it but there are some toys and such in there that aren't his so I will do those. I have a sander and saw horses ready to go for the doors that need painting - the paint will stick better if I sand them a bit first. And I've got a plan in place for the ceiling restoration, so it's all good. I just might be able to do it myself, though I am not as confident as my stepdad is about that.

So there ya go, updates on everyone, guess it wasn't such a little update. Oh yeah, Maya, I knew I was forgetting a kid. She's good too ;)

This is my son

Friday, July 14, 2006

Pounding the pavement in earnest

Matt didn't get hired by that company. Apparently they decided not to fill the position for at least a couple of months. They did tell him to please contact them in a couple months if he is not happy with wherever he winds up, they really did like him. That helps a bit. At least it wasn't him, or a lack of experience, or any of that. Soooooo, now all those other resumes he's been putting out need to bring in results! Keep it in your thoughts and prayers, please, we really would like to have a plan at some point in time.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

You'd think I'd have a bunch of time on my hands

What with Matt away and all, that is. I thought I would be blogging every day and guess what? I have so little time I haven't had a chance to get here in way too long. You all know I've been gosh, what was I thinking? I should have just rented a backhoe. Not quite, there are some things that I do want. I just can't believe the quantity of things that I don't want. Why do I have them? I put a 3D Star Wars Millenium Falcon jigsaw puzzle up on freecycle yesterday and had eight people reply within half an hour. That's nuts. Most everything has been going to Sally Ann because I just don't have the patience for freecycle most of the time. I get so many people saying they want something and then not turning up or emailing or anything. Easier just to throw the stuff in my car and drop it off at SA next time I go near it.

So we're still waiting. They said "middle of the week" which to me is Wednesday but what do I know. He's got a few other resumes out and had an impromptu interview when he dropped one off yesterday with a callback for next week. I think having a US address on his resume might be helping - most of them either didn't read his cover letter which said that he was wanting to relocate to the States, or they didn't want to wait for that to happen.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

How can one family have so much STUFF???

My gosh, I can't believe the stuff we have. Junk. Crud. Whatever you want to call it, there's a whole lot of it. I had cards, boy did I have cards. Christmas cards (several different Christmases), baby cards (from 3 out of 4 kids, the oldest of those is now 12), wedding cards (almost 9 years), cards from people I don't even remember. Gotta love it when I save those Christmas cards from a business where the "signature" is stamped on :P I had five phone books. We live in a small town, there are not that many people here, I probably don't even need ONE let alone five. I had receipts for things I no longer own. I had phone numbers on scraps of paper, with no indication whose numbers they might be. I had CDs and DVDs that don't work. Never know when you might need a funky coaster, right? Ugggggggggh. This is just the living room, girls and boys. Just wait until I get into all the other rooms of the house. I am not looking forward to it but man I can't wait to move.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Candy swap loot!

Chantal sent me some great stuff! Thanks so much, I love it all!!

In case the pic isn't big enough, there's a pitcher of pure maple syrup (James wants to drink it straight from the jug!), a jar of dutch chocolate truffle with raspberries (can't wait to try that one!!) and a selection of truffles (with a "map", thank goodness, I like to know what I'm biting into!). I'm so excited, I love chocolate!!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The longest day

He got up at 445am, left the house at 530. Caught the 745 ferry so that he would be on time for check in by 1150. Flight from Vancouver to LAX scheduled to leave at 150pm, brief stopover there before his flight to Reno which was to land at 650pm. Welllll... Flight from LAX to Reno was cancelled - mechanical difficulty apparently. They took his info, gave him a boarding pass and told him to grab a sandwich at the Starbucks nearby. Okay, but that was the wrong gate. Found the right one, BK along the way (guess whether he ate the dried out Starbucks sandwich or a Whopper, go ahead, guess!!) and he was off to Seattle. Yes, Seattle, not too far from Vancouver :P Oh, and that was the same plane he just flew on from Vancouver to LAX :P again. Switch planes again, fly to Reno on a littler plane. Okay, landed at 1047pm. Wait a minute, you had luggage, didn't you? Guess it's in LAX going around and around and around. Just give us your baggage claim check...what do you mean, you don't have it anymore? The woman at the desk in LAX took *ALL* of your paperwork, including the claim check? Tsk tsk tsk. We'll see if we can locate your suitcase, Mr. Davis.

What a day!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Leavin' on a jet plane

No, not me. Dh is, though. He's on his way to Reno for "the interview" which is on Wednesday. Not wanting to travel on the 4th, he went today, plus then he gets the bonus of spending the holiday with his family. Now I'm in limbo mode, waiting to hear whether he will be coming home or not. I hope not. That doesn't mean I don't want him around ;)

Stuff to do: go through storage unit and throw out all the junk my dad left behind, and maybe even some of my own junk; clean the windows inside and out (haven't done the *spring cleaning* thing yet, I'm late); wash the outside of the house; start decluttering one room at a time! Good thing I don't have too many rooms!! More stuff to do after the first set of stuff to do: paint the front door; paint the bathroom door and the bedroom door; paint the lower cupboard doors in the bathroom; figure out how to replace the ceiling in James's room.

Hmm, what am I doing here? That's a BIG list already!