Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Just a little update

Let's see, what's going on with us...

Becca is riding her bike everywhere, Christa running along the sidewalk, "Wait for meeeeee!" They play well together considering they are three years apart :) The kids in this neighbourhood come in waves, my oldest two had a group of friends for a few years, then everyone moved away or grew up and there was nobody around for a couple more years, now there is another crop around the right age again. I've instituted a water only rule as I was getting tired of supplying juice for everyone!

James is off to San Diego in a couple of days. The band he likes the best (The Aquabats) is having a fan convention of sorts called Summit and he is going to that with his friends. One of the friends sent him a plane ticket, that was awfully nice of her.

Matt had an interview today, they want him to come in for a second interview on Friday. He has a different second interview tomorrow as well as a first with a third company. Hope that one made sense ;) He's had a bunch of responses to his resumes, good sign!

I've been going through my to-do list, not as quickly as I would like but I do have to make time for kids and whatnot *LOL* I've sorted through my storage unit, washed all the windows, decluttered the living room, kitchen and bathroom...so far. So I have the main bedroom and James's room left. James did most of it but there are some toys and such in there that aren't his so I will do those. I have a sander and saw horses ready to go for the doors that need painting - the paint will stick better if I sand them a bit first. And I've got a plan in place for the ceiling restoration, so it's all good. I just might be able to do it myself, though I am not as confident as my stepdad is about that.

So there ya go, updates on everyone, guess it wasn't such a little update. Oh yeah, Maya, I knew I was forgetting a kid. She's good too ;)


LoisLane said...

Busy, busy, busy! Don't forget to stop and breathe once in awhile. ;)
Fingers still crossed for Matt - sounds like something will break soon.

Heather said...

Lots of prayers for Matt!

Kim said...

Wow lots going on (as usual). My fingers and toes are crossed for Matt that something comes through fast.