Monday, July 03, 2006

Leavin' on a jet plane

No, not me. Dh is, though. He's on his way to Reno for "the interview" which is on Wednesday. Not wanting to travel on the 4th, he went today, plus then he gets the bonus of spending the holiday with his family. Now I'm in limbo mode, waiting to hear whether he will be coming home or not. I hope not. That doesn't mean I don't want him around ;)

Stuff to do: go through storage unit and throw out all the junk my dad left behind, and maybe even some of my own junk; clean the windows inside and out (haven't done the *spring cleaning* thing yet, I'm late); wash the outside of the house; start decluttering one room at a time! Good thing I don't have too many rooms!! More stuff to do after the first set of stuff to do: paint the front door; paint the bathroom door and the bedroom door; paint the lower cupboard doors in the bathroom; figure out how to replace the ceiling in James's room.

Hmm, what am I doing here? That's a BIG list already!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Wow, that is a long list!

You should do a yard sale, then freecycle what doesn't sell!

Then use the money you've made from the sale to pay the kids to do all the manual labor. LOL!

Sure wish I lived closer, I'd come help!