Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The longest day

He got up at 445am, left the house at 530. Caught the 745 ferry so that he would be on time for check in by 1150. Flight from Vancouver to LAX scheduled to leave at 150pm, brief stopover there before his flight to Reno which was to land at 650pm. Welllll... Flight from LAX to Reno was cancelled - mechanical difficulty apparently. They took his info, gave him a boarding pass and told him to grab a sandwich at the Starbucks nearby. Okay, but that was the wrong gate. Found the right one, BK along the way (guess whether he ate the dried out Starbucks sandwich or a Whopper, go ahead, guess!!) and he was off to Seattle. Yes, Seattle, not too far from Vancouver :P Oh, and that was the same plane he just flew on from Vancouver to LAX :P again. Switch planes again, fly to Reno on a littler plane. Okay, landed at 1047pm. Wait a minute, you had luggage, didn't you? Guess it's in LAX going around and around and around. Just give us your baggage claim check...what do you mean, you don't have it anymore? The woman at the desk in LAX took *ALL* of your paperwork, including the claim check? Tsk tsk tsk. We'll see if we can locate your suitcase, Mr. Davis.

What a day!


Karen said...

Ugh! Gotta love flying the friendly skies. Hope he gets his bags back before the interview!

Kim said...

Ugh! You are right, what a day. Matt must have been exhausted. Hope he gets him suitcase before the interview.
Hopefully we hear some good news from Matt today.