Saturday, August 12, 2006

Comedy of errors type of day

We have three computers, one in the kitchen for the kids to use. Okay, that's the party line, it's really James who uses it but we say it's for all the kids. So I decided the kitchen was just too small with the computer in there and wanted it put in storage, we can *struggle* along with a mere two for a while. When I found out that our first showing was this afternoon, I kicked into gear, put the desk on freecycle (not worth moving a long distance), got the computer components into my car to put into storage and cleaned up all the stuff that had wandered under said desk sometime in the past months. Nobody replied about the desk but that's okay, we just put it outside up against the house and hoped that the prospective buyers wouldn't think that was too white trash. Got the house pretty much the way I wanted it and got ready to head out the door so we wouldn't be in the way. Oh, wait a minute, the phone isn't working...hmmm, accidentally knocked the wire loose when I was shifting things in the kitchen. No problem, plugged it back in, phone works, no message light, all is well. Okay, you're getting ahead of me, I didn't put that much thought into it. Went out with the kids, ran a few errands and hit the airpark for a nice walk. That was fun. Really, no sarcasm at all, we had a nice time together :) Plenty of time passed for the realtor & viewers to be out, so we came home. Wow, they didn't disturb a thing, looks like nobody was even here. Checked my inbox, had a reply on the desk and gave the lady a call (she's a teacher at my kids' school, that was neat), she'll pick it up tomorrow. Great! But wait, there's a message on the voice mail, though the light isn't flashing. Yep, it was my realtor, who called an hour before the viewing time to tell me that there was an unavoidable snag and they wouldn't be coming today after all. You know what? I actually laughed and shrugged. I have a nice clean house and had a really good time with all my kids to boot.

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Heather said...

Awesome awesome! I love a clean house!