Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The proverbial chicken

Actually, I guess it isn't proverbial, chickens literally do run around after you cut off their heads. Well, some of them just flop around (ewwww!) but you get the idea.

Ooops, got off topic before I even started this time, easy to do for me though. Okay, deep breath. Concentrate. Yeah, that's my problem in a nutshell right now. So many things on my mind, those mental to-do lists are taking over my brain and getting all muddled together.

Done - took the papers to a notary public, told my realtor which one to send the rest of the info to, started packing and keeping a list of how many boxes of what I have, found homes for all the outside toys & swing set, went through deep freeze and threw out a bunch of stuff.

To do - tell school board we are moving and get school transcripts for kids, tell doctor and get medical records for everyone, book a moving truck, find help loading said truck, get the freakin' lockbox off my front door (realtor has to do that), tell storage fellow that I will be vacating the unit so he can rent it out to someone else, call all utility companies with cutoff date, find someone to take over the contract on our cell phones so that we don't have to keep paying for another year or pay the ridiculous penalties for cutting out early, get some newspaper (no ink) for wrapping dishes & breakables, find home for freezer. And of course, pack & clean and such.

Hmmm, now that it's written down it doesn't look as overwhelming. I can do this!


LoisLane said...

You can do it!!

Karen said...

Take a deep breath... all will be fine.

Kim said...

It may seem all overwhelming, but you can do it. Wish we could all pitch in and help.

Heather said...

What is the date of your move???