Friday, September 29, 2006

Tagged, sorta

I love Katrina's blog, the name of it is what got me at first - Notes on a Napkin. How could I resist checking that out? Anyway, I've been a lurker, one-time commenter for a while. And the excitement when she commented on my blog? *LOL* I'm such a geek. Anyway, she tagged all who read her, so I was tagged. Sorta.

5 strange confessions:

1. I secretly like my son's strange music. Nerd Alert, anyone? Or perhaps Demolition Rickshaw?

2. I get my kids mixed up. Yeah, I call them by each other's names. The worst part is that I do it with my son's name too, not just the three girls. Scarring him/them for life.

3. I detest earwigs. Even typing that word made me shudder. They are the worst insect ever. Ugh. Stop talking about them!

4. Showing my age here - when I was a kid I liked Donny Osmond. Purple socks and all.

5. I think pointy toed shoes are silly.

Tagging five friends - Heather, Jilly, Sharon, Traci & Karen. Because they blog, I think they might actually act on the tag ;)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Life with one computer

Yeah, it's more than a lot of people have, but with five of us used to sharing three computers, it's been tough to find time to get here. And let's face it, I really don't want to talk about it. I've had to tell "the story" so many times that I'm tired of hearing it myself. So, short version for those who don't know me from anywhere else...

We packed up our moving truck and headed for our new life in the Reno area. The kids & I in the minivan went through the border no problem. My parents in the moving truck, nope. No dice. You're not bringing family belongings into the US. Don't care if the person who filled out the forms is a US citizen, living and working in the US. Tough. He can come up and get his clothing but nothing else is allowed in. Oh joy. So we all turned around and came back to Courtenay. Got a storage unit for about half of those suspicious belongings, rented a cheap apartment in a not good area of town and now we wait.

I'm waiting for Matt to look into what forms need to be filled out, when and where and at what cost. I'm waiting for my Canadian passport to arrive in the mail as that is required before applying for immigration status in the US. Well, non-immigrant status, I guess. I don't know, it's all so confusing. And I do understand that a country should be careful about who they let in, but they didn't have a problem letting me in, just my corelle and my towels.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Is it time to panic yet?

No? You sure? Cause I think I can panic if it's time. I'm ready, just give me the word, okay?

Well...the closing date is tomorrow. Hopefully the cheque will be in my grubby little hands in the morning because I have a LOT to do once I finally have some money ;) Repay a couple people who have so generously bankrolled me for the past month, buy a DVD player for the car (yeah, a thousand miles with these kids, you'd want one too), stock up on prescriptions, pay off a couple of local bills and get some US cash. Oh, and mustn't forget to buy Shreddies. Lots of them. *Gulp* I can't believe that I agreed to move to a place where I can't buy Shreddies. I really don't think that was in the wedding vows.

Oh, hey, hot off the presses...Matt is really employed. For reals. Yeah, I'm sure this time. Of course, I've only heard it from my mom who heard it from her husband who heard it from Matt, but I'm pretty sure it's true. Last I heard, he was hitting the freeway from Sparks to Carson City to fill out forms and hopefully maybe just possibly find a place for us to live.

Smokers! I have to remember to go to the PO tomorrow and fill out a request to have my mail forwarded!! Remind me, okay? My brain is too full right now, it might not pop up for me without a nudge from a friend or two.

And, just because...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yet another roller coaster post

Don't you wish my life was boring and predictable? I think I would like to try that for a while. Ready for the latest? Matt was waiting to hear from the HR rep, and she had fallen at work and wrenched her back, right? Well, he called the office yesterday morning and was told that she is still off and that another HR rep would be calling him later in the day. Okay, good. Well, a different rep called him and told him that they "decided to go with another applicant". What??? After telling him at the interview that he was hired, talking to him the next week and saying the confirmation of employment was in the works, now they tell him, 12 days later, that he doesn't have the job after all? Arrrrrgh!! Meanwhile, he turned down a job offer or two while waiting for the paperwork to go through. Talk about frustrating :(

FYI, he called one of the places that he had turned down and they haven't hired anyone else, so he is going to "iron out the details" on Thursday at 5pm. I'm scared to count on this one, just in case :P

And the packing continues...

Monday, September 04, 2006

Peeking out from behind some boxes

I'm lost in packing land. Sorry for not blogging lately, it's just hard to find time to do anything right now. I'll tell myself, "Self, you should blog about that. It would be a good blog." And then good ol' Self forgets all about it. Must be older middle age setting in. I'm not OLD yet. Wonder when I will think of myself as old. Maybe never, maybe tomorrow. If I ever finish packing, I'll let you know. Where did all this STUFF come from??