Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Life with one computer

Yeah, it's more than a lot of people have, but with five of us used to sharing three computers, it's been tough to find time to get here. And let's face it, I really don't want to talk about it. I've had to tell "the story" so many times that I'm tired of hearing it myself. So, short version for those who don't know me from anywhere else...

We packed up our moving truck and headed for our new life in the Reno area. The kids & I in the minivan went through the border no problem. My parents in the moving truck, nope. No dice. You're not bringing family belongings into the US. Don't care if the person who filled out the forms is a US citizen, living and working in the US. Tough. He can come up and get his clothing but nothing else is allowed in. Oh joy. So we all turned around and came back to Courtenay. Got a storage unit for about half of those suspicious belongings, rented a cheap apartment in a not good area of town and now we wait.

I'm waiting for Matt to look into what forms need to be filled out, when and where and at what cost. I'm waiting for my Canadian passport to arrive in the mail as that is required before applying for immigration status in the US. Well, non-immigrant status, I guess. I don't know, it's all so confusing. And I do understand that a country should be careful about who they let in, but they didn't have a problem letting me in, just my corelle and my towels.


Jill said...

Again, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs. This all just stinks. I know you'll get through it, because you are Da Mom, but it still stinks!!!

Karen said...

Yeah you gotta watch out for that Corelle... you never know what it's plotting... Don't even get me started on those towels... sheesh.

Huge hugs! And you know where to find me when you've reached the limit.

Lara said...

Oh, corelle and towels are always trouble. Especially if they've been plotting in the same box.

The whole thing makes me want to cry. Huge HUGS! I know your family will be reunited soon.