Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tagged by Allyson

My dear friend Allyson tagged me :) Thanks so much, Allyson, I'll get you back some day. *LOL*
Ten random things about me:

1. I cannot keep left and right straight. I have to mentally "hold a pencil" to remember which is which.

2. My children drive me crazy.

3. I love my children.

4. Really.

5. But boy, are they messy.

6. If I get the chance, I will watch certain movies over and over and over. Like Dirty Dancing. Don't know why, that one just gets me. Must be the bad boy thing.

7. I exercised today. Hey, that's big for me!

8. I doubt I will ever remember to call it American cheese. I'm sorry in advance.

9. My bills are all paid up!

10. First forms for immigration were filed, responded to, and second set are filed. Progress! Now let's hope the process doesn't take six months :)

I'll tag Hillary on the off chance she reads this, Jilly because she needs a distraction and Karen because I love how her mind works ;)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Maya, Gowb, Lola and Perdy

Unlike the infamous Millie, Hazel & Jeannie, these really exist. The latest members of our family. I think I've lost my mind. We have Tamagotchis. It started with Becca, the one thing that she requested for her birthday was a Tamagotchi. Enter Maya. Yeah, same name as Becca's big sister, she said she panicked and couldn't think of another name. It gets a bit confusing with Maya, Tama-Maya and the downstairs neighbour Maya. So much for a unique name ;) But I digress. Why do we have more than one? James designated himself the official Tama watcher, he took Becca's to school with him to take care of it during the day. So I got him his own - Gowb. Apparently there was a cat on a cartoon that bit a person and that was the sound it made while biting. Yes, he's using cartoon sounds for names. Maya pouted when James got one so tada, it's Lola! I couldn't stand it for longer than another day, so I have Perdy. Ooops, forgot, Lola is likely named that for the main character on Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen but Maya won't admit it. Perdy is a nod to my oldest who, when I was pregnant with my second, told me in all seriousness that, if I had a boy it should be Pongo and a girl should be Perdy.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Never too many prayers

Some of my other friends have posted about Kim this week. Not only is it the anniversary of her breast cancer diagnosis, but she received the preliminary results from some more tests. Not good news. There is slight growth in the breast mass, slight growth in the liver nodules, AND a possible mass in her head as well. Oh, and something suspicious on her spine. Man. Just pray. If you're not a praying person, please keep Kim in your thoughts anyway. Kim, I love you.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Boo!

The long anticipated day is here, at last. Becca is so funny, yesterday it was all about "the last time". You know, the last time to have dinner as a 6 year old...the last time to say goodnight as a 6 year old...the last day of school as a 6 year old. She was trying to tell me that it was the last time that *I* got to say goodnight to a 6 year old daughter til I reminded her that Christa will one day be 6, so she switched it to "a 6 year old daughter with brown eyes" but that got tiresome quickly. And, you know where this is going before you read any further, today is all about "the first time". First time having breakfast as a 7 year old...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Update type post for those who might want to know

Christa is 4. Is 4 fun? I'm not sure yet, but I think it's pretty good. She puts on her own seatbelt in her carseat, so that's a plus. I still have to undo it when we get where we're going, that's a bigger plus (wouldn't want her unbuckling and dancing around while I'm driving). Christa spends most of her day waiting for Becca to come home from school. Doesn't seem to bother her though, it's just the way it is.

Becca will be 7 in a few days. The party is all she can talk about. How many days until the party, who is coming to the party, where is the case any of us has forgotten, she tells us over and over. And over. Guess I'd better figure out a cake, some goodie bag type thing to give the kids after (yeah, I'm giving them something, just to make them leave at the end of the party) and a present for Boo from us. Btw, Becca is doing very well in school, no adjustment at all from French to English, surprising. She's reading, writing and of course doing math like there's no tomorrow.

Maya is in middle school. She was born for middle school. All that socializing, giggling and multiple best friends. She's in her glory for sure. We have had trouble with her tenor sax though. Took a really long time and several phone calls from her music teacher and me to the rental place before they finally sent it (cashed my first cheque without hesitating though!), then it didn't have a ligature with it...guess she should just hold the reed on with a spare finger? Oh, duct tape! The other fun aspect of Life with Maya is the moods. Oh my goodness, and I have TWO MORE girls to go through this fun stage. Joy.

James is good. He is doing well at school, doesn't care to make friends there though. He says they're all dumb. Must be tough being so brilliant, James :P

There ya go, all the kids. The other thing to update on is immigration and I have no idea what to say about that. Matt has mailed the first forms, as far as I know. I think. Maybe. Probably. Most likely. Perhaps.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

How to make a 15 year old laugh hysterically

Works for my 15yo Monty Python with him. I knew he liked MP and the Holy Grail but wasn't sure if any of the other movies would get him laughing. Oh my gosh, you should have heard him cracking up last night! We rented Life of Brian. I had only seen part of it, the scene where Brian opens his shutters in the morning and stands there in the buff while the multitude cheers. Now it makes sense! Well, as much as Monty Python ever does ;) Amazing that a country of people with the reputation of being "prudes" for lack of a better word would be so open with nudity and language. But he's 15, wouldn't be the first time he's heard certain words. We also have A Fish Called Wanda to watch, not Monty Python but with John Cleese and Michael Palin, it'll be fun.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Before Sharon never speaks to me again

I don't hate Hallowe'en. Honest. There are some things I would change about it if I could, but I really don't hate it. I do ~foolishly~ worry about having the right amount of candy, but that's just minor. And, Traci, I don't have any idea how many kids to expect. Another resident told me it varies from virtually none to a hundred. Oh, thanks for narrowing that down!

Christa is going to be a tiger, cutest one around is my guess ;) Becca is going to be a knight. I'm not sure why, thinking we should get her some coconuts though. If you get that one, I love you. Maya wants to be Zorro, a segue from her pirate costume of last year I think. I'm going to try to get James off the computer long enough to hand out candy so I can walk around with the girls. No rain no rain no rain!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

October anyone?

You can have it if you like. I'd skip it if it wouldn't scar my third child. We can't miss her birthday, after all, SEVEN is her favourite number. I'm sure that is a new thing, I don't remember her mentioning it before oh, last week.

Why don't I like October? Okay, I'll admit it. It's Hallowe'en. Not my thing. Not at all. I'm not a fan of finding the "right" costume for each kid. I don't have anything against dressing up, I'm just not into the zombie cheerleader type of thing. It bugs me. Big time. The other problem I have is the candy. I don't mind having a whole bunch of it in the house, sorting through it to make sure it passes my safety inspection, no problem with that either. I'll even help them eat it *LOL* The problem part is how much it costs. Oh my gosh. The stores really do raise the prices of it, I'm sure of that. But even more than that is my fear of *gulp* r u n n i n g o u t o f c a n d y

Aaaaaaaaaaaah!! Maybe if I don't type it properly, it won't happen. Deep breaths, Cherie! Okay, I really do worry about that, seriously. I would really hate to have to hide in the dark, ignoring those hungry children knocking at my door with their zombie cheerleader costumes...

Did I ever tell you that I wasn't allowed to "do" Hallowe'en as a kid? I'm sure you could have guessed that though :P