Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tagged by Allyson

My dear friend Allyson tagged me :) Thanks so much, Allyson, I'll get you back some day. *LOL*
Ten random things about me:

1. I cannot keep left and right straight. I have to mentally "hold a pencil" to remember which is which.

2. My children drive me crazy.

3. I love my children.

4. Really.

5. But boy, are they messy.

6. If I get the chance, I will watch certain movies over and over and over. Like Dirty Dancing. Don't know why, that one just gets me. Must be the bad boy thing.

7. I exercised today. Hey, that's big for me!

8. I doubt I will ever remember to call it American cheese. I'm sorry in advance.

9. My bills are all paid up!

10. First forms for immigration were filed, responded to, and second set are filed. Progress! Now let's hope the process doesn't take six months :)

I'll tag Hillary on the off chance she reads this, Jilly because she needs a distraction and Karen because I love how her mind works ;)


Heather said...


Also, what do you guys call American Cheese???

Queen Bee said...

Uhhh, processed cheese of course. Duh!


Hillary said...
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Hillary said...

Hoo yeah, I read! (I just suck at commenting! Thanks for all of your comments, by the way! They make me happy!) I have a post on the burner that has to get done before I do this one, but I'm honoured to get tagged! Woohoo!

Theresa said...

ROFL!! I never call it American cheese, i call it Kraft...

Prayin' for the forms and it not to take 6 months. (secretly praying that your here b4 christmas)

Anonymous said...

LOL! And Pomme Frites are how the French say "French Fries"

I do the same with R & L, but I don't use a pencil to figure it out. Jeff is also the same way, we're R/L dyslexic!

Jill said...

LOL, I just blogged about these two amazing groups of women I am blessed with, all sappy and sentimental, so I'll take your tag tomorrow or Tuesday. Thanks for the distraction. ;) Love ya!

Hillary said...

Done! I've got my 10 things. And yes, RANDOM would be a good word for them. It was fun, thanks for the tag! :-)

Anonymous said...

That made me laugh about the American Cheese! You call it processed cheese? That sounds soooo unappetizing! LOL!

Christi said...

Hold up your index fingers and your thumbs out in front of you. The one that makes an "L" facing the correct direction is your left. If you see me walking around like that, yes, I'm trying to figure out which is which.