Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I need to do a shout out

Just in case they're snooping, uh I mean reading again. Hey Toasty! Hey Tara! Hey Rachel! Now go lie down, girls!!

~~~For those who are bewildered...some of James's friends heard that I had a blog so, being naturally curious teenagers, they looked for it. I doubt they care enough to stop back again, but just in case ;)


Toasty said...

Lying down is the perfect cure for AIDS. You should be a doctor.

Like, almost as soon as I laid down, MY AIDS WUZ GONED!!1


Katrina said...

Toasty is a great name! Do I want to know where it came from? :D

Tara said...


Your blog is AWESOME.

Heather said...

alrighty then ;)