Thursday, November 23, 2006


Seems to be a lot of that around lately. Yesterday I (cryptically) said 33, not realizing that most people aren't counting down the days until Christmas like I am. My birthday isn't until March ;) Last night, I wrote Matt a quick note telling him that I was waiting to hear from him about the results of his audition for the worship team. When I got up this morning, I was rather disappointed about not having a reply. Imagine my annoyance when I didn't hear from him until 11am today. I didn't say anything about his rudeness, just quietly steamed a little. Turns out that he phoned last night when I was out and my wonderful daughter didn't bother to tell me. :P Oh, and said wonderful daughter wrote her Christmas list when requested to do so, but didn't bother to give. it. to. me.

Black strappy shoes with a not too high heel are on the list for the weekend's shopping, along with at least one more chair for our kitchen table. Don't want Matt to have to cook us Christmas dinner AND stand to eat it ;)


Theresa said...

ROFL!!! oh. my. goodness. you just crack me up honey!!! Good idea about the shoes (snort!) and getting a chair for Matt. Im sure he would love to sit and eat with you all. Hope you had a great day today!

Hillary said...

ONE MONTH TILL CHIRSTMAS!!! A-whoo-hoo! I love this tiem of year, too! In two weeks, I'll be having a great big crew over to help me decorate my house and to decorate homemade gingerbread houses. The Christmas season will officially start then, yippeee!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! And I understand about the communication....I sometimes tell DH I'm not telepathic. He may THINK he told me something, but he DIDN'T!