Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday is a good day for updates

Especially when doing NaBloPoMo, don't want to run out of things to say. As if that would happen!!

Maya's date went well yesterday. She was soooo nervous, it was cute. Maya said she kept looking at her shoes *LOL* They enjoyed the movie, it was a matinee because I'm so not ready for nighttime dating. Anyway, the boy was a little gentleman, told me it was nice to meet me when I picked up the girls, and apparently not only bought Maya's ticket, but some Skittles as well. I don't want to do this again soon though, too much stress!!

Becca has adjusted well to French Immersion, she's in a class with a lot of her friends from the past two years and I'm sure that has made it easier. Plus she's an all around friendly kid :)

Christa is Christa and I'm hopeful we will survive her being four.

James is good too, I actually managed to convince him to stand up at church today when the pastor asked everyone to stand. Making strides!! *sigh*

The Tamagotchis are all good, in case you wondered.


Hillary said...

Glad the date went well! Your story made me take a wee trip down memory lane myself! :)

(and yeah, good thing, cause I was drawing a TOTAL blank for a post idea for today. Yikers. ME?!?! Run out of things to talk about? That's unheard of!)

Katrina said...

Cute story! I love it! Someday I'll have to blog about the time I made a date so nervous he threw up on my shoes.

Glad nothing that disastrous happened to Maya!