Sunday, December 03, 2006

Rules to live by

Christa: Mommy, be careful of my nose!

Me: Oh, I'm sorry sweetheart, did I hurt your nose when I pulled off your shirt?

C: No, you didn't, but you have to be careful! It's rule number two, you know.

M: Pardon me? Rule number two?

C: Yes, Mommy, rule number two says don't tug on Christa's nose. *nod nod*

M: Oh really?

C: Yes, and rule number three is always hold hands when walking across the road. *nod nod*

M: I see. So, what is rule number one, Christa?

C: *eye roll* Always listen to Mommy!


Heather said...



LoisLane said...

Too cute!!!! And does she ever break rule number 1? ;)

Tammy said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my! LOLOLOLOL!!! I wish MY kids knew the rules ;)

Anne said...

Smart girl! LOL!

Katrina said...

That's awesome! I think I have neglected to teach my kids Rule #1!