Sunday, December 17, 2006

Top secret

It's subterfuge time, everyone. Time to stash things in strange spots and take mysterious trips to go *shopping* for *something* and no, you can't come with me. Every year I go through the same thing, maybe it's just me but on the off chance that it might be shared by someone else, I'm gonna tell you. I always find something that I forgot I bought. Usually it's somewhere silly like my sock drawer, or the bottom of my purse. This year it was something that I got for one of my kids and had stuck in a box in my room. Not going to say what it was or which kid just in case he/she is reading this. Oh, that means it isn't Christa, she can't read yet ;) I will say though that I was pleasantly surprised at my discovery, I have good taste in gifts sometimes. Not many more days, hope I can remember all my ingenious hiding places.


Anonymous said...

LOL! All mine are hidden in my yarn. It's off limits to everyone so no one will look there ;)

Lara said...

You need my chart. I make a chart with the kids' names and a box for each gift. I write the items in the boxes, along with approximate prices, so I know everything is even and fair. The chart is quite a mess when all is said and done. If I'm hiding things in different places, the hiding place can be noted on the chart.

Sadly, my yarn stash is not nearly large enough to hide anything more than batteries in.

Heather said...

LOLOL That is why I hide them in a locked closet with a key :) LOL