Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Microsoft, what is your game now?

The latest operating system, Vista, has some interesting fine print to it. Apparently "this agreement only gives you some rights to use the software. Microsoft reserves all other rights." So it isn't MY o/s, it's Microsoft's. Nice. And "Vista intentionally degrades the picture quality of premium content when played on most computer monitors." So those Blu-Ray and HD-DVD movies and such won't look so good. Thanks.

Dh says, "Next time, make mine a Mac."


Sorry for the silence AGAIN

I have discovered something about myself. I am not complete without my kids. Sad, isn't it? James went to LA for six days and I muddled through but I didn't have the energy to blog. I didn't even READ any blogs for the most part. Man, I'm a big wimp. He's home, he had a wonderful time and my cold seems to be gone now. I passed it on to Maya because I'm such a generous person.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Postal "service" indeed

Not sure which country to blame for this one, so I'm just airing a general grievance. Canada Post & United States Postal Service, you can share this one!

I got two pieces of mail today...today is the 20th of January. One was mailed December 18, the other December 19. Yep, both over a month ago. The one from the 19th was a Christmas card from Richmond VA, with the proper postage on it (actually more than needed, she just put two US stamps instead). The other one was one of those wonderful picture cards so popular these days, with the exact postage, mailed from somewhere in PA. I can't read all of the postmark, due to the big dirty footprints all over the envelope. Yes, boots or maybe running shoes. It was bent, practically folded. You can imagine the condition of the picture card. There is even a hole in it, looks like someone pinned it up on a bulletin board before deciding that maybe they should let it continue its journey to me.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Fly on the wall

Overheard recently in my home:

Maya: Mom, have you seen my purse? I can't find it anywhere!!
Mom: Do you mean the one that is right there by your foot?
Maya: Oh. *silence* Well butts butts butts lol!

Mom: Becca, how was school today?
Becca: It was good, we had an assembly. There was this group who sang and played the drums.
Mom: And how was that?
Becca: It was awesome awesome!!

James: So, Maya, I heard some things...
Maya: Uh-oh!
James: I heard that you like mud kips...
Maya: Mom, he's doing it again!
James: No you!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

The dog ate my blog post...

Not buying it? Okay, I'll come clean, it was a ginormous blogasaurus... biggest dinosaur on the internet, went tearing through here eating posts left and right! Honest!

Man, these blogs are tough things, aren't they? I have so many many things to blog about and yet I can't remember what they are when faced with the keyboard and enough time to write - 2 minutes, now go! Go, go, go!!

I usually read through my friends' blogs first, don't want to miss anything in their lives, ya know.
Amy has beautiful boys, Molly has forgotten music, Jenn is NOT available/single and I wonder if Donna's house has been built. Dwen is hoppin', Annette hates cats and Monica is stuck on her first post. Dear Jilly has been ill, I sure hope she is back soon. And I really want to know what happened with Lydia's squirrels. Karen, Heather, Traci, Melissa, Sharon, Lara and Michele blog regularly (or are planning to, you know who I'm referring to, Melissa) and Christi puts up multiple posts at a time. And I see Allyson is back, yay! Miriam doesn't post as often as I would like, but she's a busy lady coming up to a sad anniversary. Two new friends are Hillary and Katrina, always worth checking their blogs! Then there's William. If you haven't read William's blog, you are missing something, that's for sure. Something good, yeah, sometimes, but always something.

I'm thinking of starting something new with comments. I'm gonna put the verification letters in there from now on, but subtly of course. You know how subtle I am ;)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Always the last to know

Apparently it's Delurking Week. Nobody told me. Maybe it's next week here in the GWN. I hesitate to even ask because if I don't get any comments, I will look really pathetic. *Deep breath* Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease comment.

Only if you want to ;)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Monday, January 08, 2007

Must be Monday

Today my kids went back to school. Not back to the usual routine for me yet though, my parents are still away so I'm doing laundry at their place a couple times a week rather than experiencing the joy of the laundromat. So, my ex picks up the kids from school on Mondays (he is off Sunday and Monday, takes them for dinner on Sundays)...he takes all 4, not just the two that are biologically his ;) And I do know how unusual and incredible that is, he has a bond with the youngest two that is virtually as strong as the one with the oldest. No blood tie but plenty of love, IYKIM. Well, there is a point here, and I'm getting there. I got home from my laundry adventure and not two minutes later, here comes my oldest. Oh, you're home. Oh, I wasn't expecting you yet, is it just you? No? You're all home? Oh. Hmmm. I was told that "they don't go to dinner on Mondays" which was news to me. I feed them breakfast and lunch every day and dinner six days a week now? Fun. Nice to be so dedicated. :P

FWIW, this isn't the first Monday rant about the ex... http://beccasmomma.blogspot.com/2006/11/read-at-your-own-risk.html

Friday, January 05, 2007

Oh the joys of pursuing health care

Yesterday Maya slipped on an icy sidewalk and did the classic fall...legs went up, back went splat. She was wearing her hood so her head didn't hit very hard, most of the impact went on her left elbow with a bit on her right wrist. Ice packs, ibuprofen and a night sleeping on the couch with her arm propped on a pillow didn't do much for her. Still sore today, so I took her to our family doctor. Our regular doctor wasn't in today, neither was his partner who we know quite well, we got "the new guy" who has a name but didn't bother to tell us what it is :P Dr. Guessmyname poked and prodded, had Maya do some movements with her arm and said that it most likely was not broken as a broken elbow would inhibit her range of motion much more than was evident BUT he wanted it xrayed anyway. His office manager told us to go through the ER, that it would be faster than just going to the xray department without an appointment. Off to the ER, wait in line to be processed...move to xray department and wait in line...sit in the waiting room and wait. Three quick xrays and more waiting, just to make sure the pics came out clear ;) Then, back to the ER to wait for the xrays to be read by a doctor. Wait. Wait. Wait. Oh my gosh, we waited more than an hour and a half before being seen by a doctor. This is a small town, folks, it's not that busy of an ER, especially during the day when all the doctors are open. And the upshot of all that time? It's not broken, just as Dr. Anonymous told us three hours earlier. Sigh. Guess I can't blame Maya for being disappointed that she will be just fine ;)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Warning...I'm back!

Just when you thought it was safe on the 'net, here I am again. Ha!

Long silence explained by presence of husband who understandably wouldn't want me paying attention to much of anything but him.

Matt left for Reno yesterday afternoon, he'll be back there tomorrow morning, I would think. Oh, *funny* story for ya - his paycheque bounced. We were laughing all over the place. Not. Had to delay his departure for a day, which was good in its own way, but just not for that particular reason. Time for a better job methinks.

I'll think of something to write about soon, promise :)