Monday, January 08, 2007

Must be Monday

Today my kids went back to school. Not back to the usual routine for me yet though, my parents are still away so I'm doing laundry at their place a couple times a week rather than experiencing the joy of the laundromat. So, my ex picks up the kids from school on Mondays (he is off Sunday and Monday, takes them for dinner on Sundays)...he takes all 4, not just the two that are biologically his ;) And I do know how unusual and incredible that is, he has a bond with the youngest two that is virtually as strong as the one with the oldest. No blood tie but plenty of love, IYKIM. Well, there is a point here, and I'm getting there. I got home from my laundry adventure and not two minutes later, here comes my oldest. Oh, you're home. Oh, I wasn't expecting you yet, is it just you? No? You're all home? Oh. Hmmm. I was told that "they don't go to dinner on Mondays" which was news to me. I feed them breakfast and lunch every day and dinner six days a week now? Fun. Nice to be so dedicated. :P

FWIW, this isn't the first Monday rant about the ex...

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