Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sorry for the silence AGAIN

I have discovered something about myself. I am not complete without my kids. Sad, isn't it? James went to LA for six days and I muddled through but I didn't have the energy to blog. I didn't even READ any blogs for the most part. Man, I'm a big wimp. He's home, he had a wonderful time and my cold seems to be gone now. I passed it on to Maya because I'm such a generous person.


Hillary said...

Welcome back! I'm glad all is well! :)

Michele said...

Welcome back James! Hope you had a great time :) And glad Mom is back in full form now. Horrors about her computer use when you go to college! :o

Katrina said...

You're not a wimp; you're a mom who's chick was temporarily away from the nest! Of course you've been distracted. :D Glad you're back!