Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Warning...I'm back!

Just when you thought it was safe on the 'net, here I am again. Ha!

Long silence explained by presence of husband who understandably wouldn't want me paying attention to much of anything but him.

Matt left for Reno yesterday afternoon, he'll be back there tomorrow morning, I would think. Oh, *funny* story for ya - his paycheque bounced. We were laughing all over the place. Not. Had to delay his departure for a day, which was good in its own way, but just not for that particular reason. Time for a better job methinks.

I'll think of something to write about soon, promise :)


Michele said...

Hugs! Hopefully he'll have a more reliable employer soon and you'll be stateside :)

Hillary said...

heh heh! I was gonna comment earlier today about you calling ME AWOL! ;) Well, I guess we both had our good reasons! (Though I'd pick your reason over mine any day!)

Welcome back to bloggy land! (Sorry it's at the expense of having your hubby around all the time!)

LoisLane said...

Welcome back. Fingers crossed for a new and better job fast. And while I'm waving my magic wand, wishes for immigration to get their act together already!

Katrina said...

The prodigal returns! I'm glad you and your husband got to pay each other some undivided attention this week. :D God bless!