Monday, February 26, 2007

The end of an era

Just feeling a bit sad and nostalgic, there is no more breastfeeding for me. Yeah, I know she's a lot older than most, but that's what EBF families are like. Christa forgot how to nurse, she's done. Bedtimes are not fun around here now as I wrestle with the best way to convince her that it's time to sleep. She'll get it, I know, but I miss my reading time ;) Four kids, two rounds of tandem nursing and a combined total of 13 years, 9 months of breastfeeding. Oh. my. gosh. THIRTEEN years, NINE months. I guess I can see why I am a bit sad, that's a big chunk of my life. Good memories :) No, I'm not going to say it, the joke is way too old!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Blog worthy

Took James out to dinner last night. Since it was just the two of us, we decided to skip the fast food and go to a "real" restaurant for a change. Costs about the same as taking all the kids to DQ or McDs, so why not once in a while. Anyway, to the point. Sorry, got sidetracked.

Our server approached our table, smiling at me and said, "How are you two ladies tonight?" Flummoxed, I stuttered and then replied, "Well, I'm fine, but he's not a lady." She was soooo embarrassed! James, being the dramatic type, said in a high pitched and strangely accented voice, "I'm just fine, thank you!"

We figured we would get really good service after that but alas, I think she was too embarrassed to come near our table more than she absolutely had to ;)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Not my favourite thing

I never ever like pictures of myself. This one is no exception, but for those of you who may think I look like a dragonfly, here's proof that I'm just a "normal" person.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What a difference a year makes

365 days, this year anyway ;) It's been quite the year for me. 156 posts, including this one. That's not even every other day, how terrible, especially when you consider that I did November's NaBloPoMo. Colour me red. Yes, I spelled it with a U, get over it :P

For those who don't follow my convoluted thought processes, I started this blog on February 14, 2006 so tomorrow is my anniversary and today is my 365th day as a blogger. I (reluctantly) upgraded today to the new blogger. I'm not good with change. I hope I like it, we'll see.

Quick recap: We're all a year older than when I started. I sold my house and tried to move to the US, to join my dh who has been there for more than 7 months now. I am still working on that one ;) I travelled across the entire continental US in order to meet some of my very best friends for the first time. I have been praying for Kim for the entire year and I am NOT going to stop doing that now. You hear that, Kim? I love you dear friend. There's more but those are the things on my mind and heart tonight.

Looking forward to the next year with you all!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Something about counting your chickens...

I know better, this is the government we're talking about. (See last post if you're terribly confused.)

Matt hasn't received the papers in the mail yet, so we aren't certain of anything, but the approval might not be the last step in the immigration process. It's okay though, not like we planned on moving next week or anything. I'll let y'all know when I find out what the next hoops are.

On a semi-related topic, Matt was told some very nice things by his boss at his review on Friday. Valuable employee, good people skills, etc. But no raise. Time to look for a new job, he told the boss, and the boss said he understood. We'll see what comes of that too.

Isn't it fun watching other people's lives? The ultimate reality show!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

And another bright spot!

Wow, this is quite the week. There is light, people! Remember the "bewildering land of immigration" as mentioned over there ------> and how I promised that I would "eventually get through to the other side"? Well, the applications were approved. Yes, plural. For some reason the non-immigrant "faster way" to get a US citizen's wife and kids into the country actually came through on the same day as the immigrant status.

So the plan now is to get Matt's review done at work and get a decent raise, save up some money and get us on our way south! No time frame on that yet for sure, we're still negotiating and trying to work out what would be best for all 6 of us.

Thanks for the thoughts & prayers, keep 'em coming!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bright spot in my week

Not that it's been a bad week, but this just made it a little brighter.

Becca is in grade 2, French Immersion. That means that everything is in French, with the exception of music time once a week. It's a wonderful program, my older two were in it up until this year (one of the side effects of the move that didn't happen yet). Becca missed getting the first interim report card from her current class, that one came from the English teacher at the school she was enrolled in for a short while.

So, her first interim report card of grade 2 came home this week. They don't give letter grades, on interim reports it's just "in progress" or "meets expectations" and Becca had all her check marks in the latter column. The teacher's comment was: A wonderful effort in all areas, Becca! Great progress in math.

Yay Becca!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

1009.96 miles

1625 kilometers.

5332588.8 feet.

Whoa, that's a lot of feet.

Good thing there are computers and MSN to bridge that gap just a bit.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Stolen with is that really stolen?

Nah, it was given freely to me by Allyson :)

Reading: Just finished Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich. Starting a "Paige Turner" book but can't remember what it's called or the author, I could look it up but I'm in a hurry here *LOL*

Music in my Head: Some Yo Gabba Gabba song that James just played 57 times in a row...oh correction, it's playing again. Something about "It's Mine". Correction: it's from Lazy Town, not Yo Gabba Gabba. And he's still playing it.

Drinking: Nothing right now, had my morning coke and haven't moved on to water yet.

Wishing: That my good friends would get together and talk about a misunderstanding between them. I know they all care about each other but when feelings get hurt it's hard to stand by and let them work it out :(

Considering: What I'm going to eat for dinner tonight.

Feeling: Fine today!

Goals: Take Maya to her sleepover, do the dishes, maybe sweep the floor. Lazy day. Oh, and hopefully get a chance to chat to hubby on MSN later.

Hours spent in bathtub last night: Can't remember the last time I had a bath, I'm a shower girl.

Things accomplished: I'm showered and dressed, that's enough for a Saturday!

Hoping: That things work out (see the wishing reply above).

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Almost 13 months later

I set out on this little journey called weight loss on January 3, 2006. At that point, I weighed in at *gulp* 170 pounds. Okay, not so bad, until you realize that I am only 5'2" on a TALL day and that my mom is 4'9" and about 90 pounds soaking wet. I looked huge next to her *LOL* Anyway, as of this morning, I weighed in at 118.2 pounds. I made it to my revised goal and took off a titch for just-in-case days. I am amazed that I could lose more than my third child weighs! I can wear size small shirts again, and single digit sizes in pants...I haven't weighed this little since, well, let's put it this way - when I got pregnant with my oldest I weighed more than I do now.

Okay, enough already, my arm is getting sore from twisting it around to pat myself on the back :P