Thursday, February 08, 2007

And another bright spot!

Wow, this is quite the week. There is light, people! Remember the "bewildering land of immigration" as mentioned over there ------> and how I promised that I would "eventually get through to the other side"? Well, the applications were approved. Yes, plural. For some reason the non-immigrant "faster way" to get a US citizen's wife and kids into the country actually came through on the same day as the immigrant status.

So the plan now is to get Matt's review done at work and get a decent raise, save up some money and get us on our way south! No time frame on that yet for sure, we're still negotiating and trying to work out what would be best for all 6 of us.

Thanks for the thoughts & prayers, keep 'em coming!


Heather said...

That is sooo awesome!!! SOOO AWESOME!!! How much do you guys need to be able to move? I know I dont have the money to fork over... but we could pray for the funds specifically! YAY!

Malnurtured Snay said...