Friday, February 23, 2007

Blog worthy

Took James out to dinner last night. Since it was just the two of us, we decided to skip the fast food and go to a "real" restaurant for a change. Costs about the same as taking all the kids to DQ or McDs, so why not once in a while. Anyway, to the point. Sorry, got sidetracked.

Our server approached our table, smiling at me and said, "How are you two ladies tonight?" Flummoxed, I stuttered and then replied, "Well, I'm fine, but he's not a lady." She was soooo embarrassed! James, being the dramatic type, said in a high pitched and strangely accented voice, "I'm just fine, thank you!"

We figured we would get really good service after that but alas, I think she was too embarrassed to come near our table more than she absolutely had to ;)


Michele said...


Allyson said...

Oh boy she must have been so embarassed!

hillary said...

brutal! (but kinda funny!!!)

Maya (Cherie's oh-so-fabulous daughter) said...

lol i wish i was there!!