Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What a difference a year makes

365 days, this year anyway ;) It's been quite the year for me. 156 posts, including this one. That's not even every other day, how terrible, especially when you consider that I did November's NaBloPoMo. Colour me red. Yes, I spelled it with a U, get over it :P

For those who don't follow my convoluted thought processes, I started this blog on February 14, 2006 so tomorrow is my anniversary and today is my 365th day as a blogger. I (reluctantly) upgraded today to the new blogger. I'm not good with change. I hope I like it, we'll see.

Quick recap: We're all a year older than when I started. I sold my house and tried to move to the US, to join my dh who has been there for more than 7 months now. I am still working on that one ;) I travelled across the entire continental US in order to meet some of my very best friends for the first time. I have been praying for Kim for the entire year and I am NOT going to stop doing that now. You hear that, Kim? I love you dear friend. There's more but those are the things on my mind and heart tonight.

Looking forward to the next year with you all!


Michele said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary! HUGS!

Kimberly said...

I hear you Cherie, LOUD AND CLEAR. LOVE YOU TOO!!!