Friday, March 02, 2007

March? Really??

Wow, February just started and it's March already. The 2nd, even. Spring is soon, right?

I've been neglectful at keeping up here and I apologize to those who still check in on me. I'll try really hard to be better at remembering those nuggets when I get to the computer.

Update type stuff: The immigration paperwork is en route to Vancouver, I should be hearing from the consulate soon-ish about the next step (an in person interview for all of us at the US consulate). I'll let you know what hoops they want me to jump through before that :P Did I remember to blog about Matt's job? Not sure...he was let go from the place in Carson City on Friday the 16th and had a new job on Saturday morning. One of his bible study leaders set him up on an interview with his boss and that was that. Thank you, Lord. He wasn't looking forward to the land of unemployment again. So, he's liking his new job a lot. Kids are all good, made it through various viruses and relationship struggles and are keeping me on my toes as usual.

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Katrina said...

It must seem like an interminable process sometimes, but we're praying for you guys to find your way through all the red tape. :) It sounds like God is sustaining you all in the interim.

Thanks for the updates!