Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sometimes you just want to scream/yell/cry

Whatever your mode of dealing with a really frustrating situation, I suppose. No, it's not immigration and their plodding pace this time. Nor is it lack of money. Well, not directly. James had his ipod stolen today. During gym, out of his jacket pocket in the change room. Whoever helped himself unplugged his earbuds from it first. So kind of him to leave those for James. Ugh. He will make sure his teacher hears about it, put it on the announcements, all that stuff, but it's extremely unlikely that he will ever see it again. It was a gift from a friend of his, she upgraded and sent her mini to him, he in turn sent his mp3 player to another friend, all in the spirit of friendship. James needs new glasses, Maya's camera has a broken LCD screen and we're trying desperately to save enough money to move when immigration does approve us. Ugh. Oh, I said that already, didn't I? Anyone have an old ipod lying around that they would like to see go to a good home? Thanks for listening, he is even more bummed than me :(


Michele said...

Oh hugs to James!!! I have an old shuffle somewhere around here. It only plays in mono for some reason. I'd be happy to ship it up to him if I can find it.

Kim said...

I am sorry that happened to James. Hugs for all of you.