Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Craigslist, Rentclicks and the local newspaper

My latest haunts. We need to find a place to rent in Reno/Sparks. Anyone have one? Cheap? We aren't terribly fussy. I should say, I'm not terribly fussy. Maya insists she must have her own room as she can't possibly continue to share with her sisters any longer. Sisters should be said with the appropriate amount of distaste. Matt wants the best of everything. One place we saw online he rejected because it didn't look like a nice enough fridge. He wants a lush green yard "for the girls" but, well, it's the desert and most places are xeriscaped. Oh, and for Matt, it has to have a patio for barbecuing. We don't have a barbecue and I don't think it's high on the priority list. I would prefer a washer & dryer but it's not a deal breaker for me if the price is right. Almost forgot, we have to be in the zoning area for one of the "good" high schools. Apparently there are some that are just downright scary. Matt knows the areas better than I do so I'm deferring on that point. My mom is concerned that we will be living in a place that I won't see in advance but I am trusting that I will be fine with whatever we finally decide long as it has at least two bathrooms, I'm good.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Catching up

So yeah, I haven't been here in way too long. Life getting in the way of fun again. So, let me do one of those catch up posts and then hopefully I can get back to normal. As normal as *I* get, anyway ;)

Christa - my gosh, good thing she's the youngest or we wouldn't have four kids, let me tell you. This kid has more energy than I've ever seen before and I am hard pressed to keep up with her. "Why?" and "Right, Mom?" are her most frequent utterances. Nothing really new with her, just more of it.

Becca - her teacher told me the other day that Becca is quite likely the most brilliant child she has ever taught. Wow. And, figures, my mind soon wondered what she was talking about since she also taught Maya and James :P Along with that, she feels things very intensely. Funny thing about Becca is that she seems oblivious most of the time, just floating along and going with the flow. Still waters run deep, anyone? Thankfully, she didn't seem too distressed by
the sudden death of one of her heroes, it was part of his job and she has accepted that better than I thought she would.

Maya - we're on boyfriend #2 now. He seems like a better fit for her, not that she expects that this is the guy for the rest of her life, but she's happy, so that's what matters. She's a good kid, even if she tries to hide it by being cool ;)

James - drama has become a really big thing in his world. He was on crew for a play that went to the provincial festival and that was just a blast. The festival isn't competitive, it's fun instead. They had workshops and a panel of student judges. As his school's rep to that panel, he wasn't allowed to help with the actual production at all, but they still won best backstage etiquette, best ensemble and best kiss. Pretty interesting for a play with three actors. Not being PC there, they were three guys. *LOL*
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) for those who are wondering.

As for immigration, things are moving along. After being told that the process for affirming the US citizenship for our youngest two would take several more months just for the appointment at the consulate, we decided to put them through on the K3/K4 visa application, so we've gone back to the doctor in Van for their physicals. Police certificates and all other documents are ready to go. Apparently our interview is scheduled for June 6, so it looks as if we will make our moving date of the end of June - yay! Now Matt needs to find us a place to live, I need to find some willing people to load the moving truck, and we need to get through the next month. Oh. My. Gosh. It's a month away!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!! So much to do, so many Smartie blizzards to eat before then!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Interviewed by Traci

A real life reporter, our Traci. How cool is that!

1. You're going to be stranded on a deserted island for 1 year. Food and fresh water are not at issue. What 3 items do you bring with you? Toilet paper, a deck of cards and my bible.

2. You are required to change your first name. What new name do you pick? If I had been asked this when I was a kid, my answer would have been Fiona. I soooooo wanted to change my name to Fiona, and go live with my aunt and uncle because their last name went better with Fiona than my last name *LOL* I guess it wouldn't be fair to say I'd change my first name from Cheryl to Cherie, would it? *sigh* How about Morgan? Do I seem like a Morgan to you? Why is this question so hard???

3. Describe your wildest night ever. (Stolen from Sharon, but it's a fun one. lol) Pathetic as it sounds, I don't know if I've ever had a wild night. Maybe my wedding night, I think both Matt and I were pretty exhausted the next day ;) And that's all I've got to say about THAT.

4. What was the single biggest factor that attracted you to your husband? Since we met online, there is no physical answer for this one, it was all mental/emotional. Matt is caring and funny and intelligent. He's corny, but I love him anyway.

5. What's your quirkiest quirk? What's quirky to others is probably normal to me, this is a hard one too. I like to play solitaire on my PDA before I go to sleep, is that quirky?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Vancouver thoughts

It's big. And tall. And busy. We stayed in a hotel downtown, that was interesting. Saw a lot of people that we just don't see in our small town - the way they dress, the way they walk even. Lots of people sleeping on the sidewalks and on the steps of a church, right across the street from a $500 a night ritzy hotel. Some unconventional couples too, not sure what gender! And what's with "Blenz"? Never heard of it and oh my gosh there were SO many of them in the area, they outnumbered the Starbucks outlets probably 4 to 1.

The doctor was fine, nice guy even if he does charge way too much. Have to take Maya to our own family doctor to get her heart murmur checked out before he will sign off on her chart, but that shouldn't be a big deal. I didn't even know she still had it, bad mommy.

Ate way too much junk food, got sore backs from lugging around our backpacks, spent a pile of money we don't have and enjoyed my time with my oldest two. The only downside was not getting to meet
Hillary. All my fault, I didn't plan it well enough. We must do it next time, I won't leave Vancouver before seeing her!