Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Craigslist, Rentclicks and the local newspaper

My latest haunts. We need to find a place to rent in Reno/Sparks. Anyone have one? Cheap? We aren't terribly fussy. I should say, I'm not terribly fussy. Maya insists she must have her own room as she can't possibly continue to share with her sisters any longer. Sisters should be said with the appropriate amount of distaste. Matt wants the best of everything. One place we saw online he rejected because it didn't look like a nice enough fridge. He wants a lush green yard "for the girls" but, well, it's the desert and most places are xeriscaped. Oh, and for Matt, it has to have a patio for barbecuing. We don't have a barbecue and I don't think it's high on the priority list. I would prefer a washer & dryer but it's not a deal breaker for me if the price is right. Almost forgot, we have to be in the zoning area for one of the "good" high schools. Apparently there are some that are just downright scary. Matt knows the areas better than I do so I'm deferring on that point. My mom is concerned that we will be living in a place that I won't see in advance but I am trusting that I will be fine with whatever we finally decide long as it has at least two bathrooms, I'm good.


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I hope you guys find a spot that is great for you. Just being together will make it wonderful! It has been such a long bumpy journey, you have had to put up with way too much.