Saturday, May 05, 2007

Vancouver thoughts

It's big. And tall. And busy. We stayed in a hotel downtown, that was interesting. Saw a lot of people that we just don't see in our small town - the way they dress, the way they walk even. Lots of people sleeping on the sidewalks and on the steps of a church, right across the street from a $500 a night ritzy hotel. Some unconventional couples too, not sure what gender! And what's with "Blenz"? Never heard of it and oh my gosh there were SO many of them in the area, they outnumbered the Starbucks outlets probably 4 to 1.

The doctor was fine, nice guy even if he does charge way too much. Have to take Maya to our own family doctor to get her heart murmur checked out before he will sign off on her chart, but that shouldn't be a big deal. I didn't even know she still had it, bad mommy.

Ate way too much junk food, got sore backs from lugging around our backpacks, spent a pile of money we don't have and enjoyed my time with my oldest two. The only downside was not getting to meet
Hillary. All my fault, I didn't plan it well enough. We must do it next time, I won't leave Vancouver before seeing her!

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Hillary said...

Yes! It WILL happen! Next time for sure!!! :D I'm looking forward to it!