Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No fanfare

Just sneaking back in for a long overdue post. Man, time slips by quickly. It's been a busy month and some, just haven't had time for the fun stuff in life. Well, this fun stuff in particular was one thing that kept getting put off. I've still managed to have fun with my kids. Priorites ;)

Moving day is almost here, we pack up the truck on Monday the 30th and leave town the next day. Matt will meet us in Vancouver so we can brave the border together. Praying that whatever CBP personnel are on that day are in a good mood! We really don't want to be told to unload the entire uhaul and open every box for inspection!!

So I'll be in the US soon. It's going to be strange, and I will miss
Shreddies. I have 7 boxes, thinking maybe I should be okay for a little while.

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Heather said...

7 boxes... wow... your parents can send it right???