Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Forms to fall asleep by

I warned you in my last post, so don't read if you're operating heavy machinery or anything like that ;)

Adjustment of status costs $1010 for me, $600 each for James & Maya. If I don't adjust theirs when I do mine, they are left with no status at all as K4 is derivative and depends on my K3 status. Theoretically, they could be deported if they aren't all done at the same time. I don't want to take any chances. The "good" news is that I can send in an application for a work permit with the adjustment paperwork at no cost. Separately it would cost $340.

Some of the things I need to send along with all the forms I've filled out: copies of our birth certificates, copies of our visas (those are in our passports), two passport photos each - taken within 30 days of filling out the applications, copies of our vaccination records, 4 copies each of G-325A (biographic information), a copy of the approval notice of my original immigrant application, and an affidavit of support. The affidavit is to be accompanied by a copy of Matt's latest tax return complete with copies of his W2s (and Canadian T4s in our case), the amount of total income from his previous two tax returns and evidence of how much he is being paid right now.

So, because of the cost of this, we're applying for a fee waiver. There is no way of knowing if that will be approved or not, depends on if we catch the right person in the right mood on the right day. We have to prove that Matt can support us AND prove that we don't have the money for the fees, at the same time.

I tell ya, life is never ever boring. Paperwork might be but life sure isn't.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

How can supposedly grown up people do this?

We've been in this house for what...22 or 23 days, something like that. So tell me how we have managed to misplace so many things. Among the missing: the receipt for the "guaranteed" pet smell product that Matt tried to get the cat pee smell out with, it didn't work so we wanted to get our money back (oh, the carpet has since been replaced, so don't worry as we aren't having to live with the smell) but can't find the receipt. Also: Matt's W2s for his regular job in 2006, can't file income tax without them and he did have them as he has filled out the forms themselves already with the correct numbers (he has an extension due to needing ITINs for the older kids, plus we're waiting for the SSNs for the younger ones to come in the mail), plus I need a copy for the adjustment of status paperwork. That's a whole 'nother nightmare, I'll explain that one sometime when you all need something to read to fall asleep by ;) And, the latest missing item: the repair book for Matt's car. He insists that he put it in a certain place but, as that place is empty, I think he's wrong. Of course, he thinks I absconded with it for some nefarious purpose. Marriage is so much fun! *LOL*

BUT!! Here's the funny thing about all these missing items...while searching for the latest, I found the case for our Fantastic 4 DVD. It's been MIA since last September. Guess that means those things I mentioned above may turn up next July ;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A prayer request

If you're not a praying person, at least think good thoughts, please. My dear friend Kim, one of the sweetest people EVER, is still battling breast cancer. It's not been an easy road for her and her wonderful family, they've been up and down more often than they can remember at this point. Today's news was not good, her doctor was pretty grim. The power of prayer is amazing, and I am believing that, if God wants to, He will heal her from this. Pray with me that it is in His will, please.

Kim, I love you and Anthony and you are never far from my thoughts. Keep believing, honey!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The kind of pet I could love

Don't get me wrong, I love dogs and cats. But my hubby and my son are allergic to cats and I'm not so fond of cleaning up heaping mounds of doggie doo-doo so we remain pet-less for now.

Try the link, tell him what to do (sit, shake, beg, roll over, standard doggie commands) and prepare to say "awwww" - and don't forget to ask him for a kiss!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dave and Jeff and Michelle and Julie and Judy...

Ahhhhhhhhhh!! How am I going to keep them all straight? The guys are tough enough, they're either Jeff or Dave or Rick for the most part, with a few Steves thrown in, but then there's the women too. I think I'll just take a page from my good friend Clair's book and call them all sweetie and darlin'. On second thought I don't think Matt would like that very much if he heard me.

I met a bunch of people this weekend. I think I'll ask them to wear name tags next time ;)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The way back machine

I've gone back to my childhood :) Matt brought me home a couple of bottles of Coke. Glass bottles. Tall skinny glass bottles. The Coke is made in Mexico, and my gosh, it tastes just like it did when I was a kid. I think I might like another bottle. Can one be termed a lush for drinking too much Mexican coke? For those who think I'm nuts and should just buy a regular coke at my local convenience store, let me just say that US coke and Canadian coke are so totally different that I can't drink the American stuff. I'm spoiled.

Ohhhh!! I just finished that first bottle and realized that it's tinted green. I think I'm in love :D

Monday, August 06, 2007

There are still lots of boxes

Even more, actually. I firmly believe they are multiplying. Oh well, no big deal, I can unpack them now. We're here!! The house is beautiful, our family is whole again and to top it all off I'm back online again. Life is good.