Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bread clips and other observations

They don't use bread clips here very often. Most bags of bread come with a twist tie instead. Just something different.

We don't have sidewalks in our neighbourhood. Well, there are occasional ones, for 30 feet or so. Street lights are very rare as well.

The mail is delivered six days a week and I can send mail from there too, no need to go to the PO. Cool.

5am wake up time doesn't get any easier.


Heather said...

I buy the twixit clips from Pampered Chef... I use them on EVERYTHING... I assume that is the bread clips are you are talking about? Here is the link for them.

Queen Bee said...

Actually, I meant this kind but I do have some clips such as your twixit ones :)

LoisLane said...

You couldn't mail letters from home in Canada? I didn't know that.

Queen Bee said...

Nope, had to take them to the PO or to a collection box. My mail came right to my door :)